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Paradigm Quilted Tote Bag Tutorial (Free Sewing Tutorial)

If you’ve ever wanted to turn a mini quilt into a tote bag, this easy & free quilted tote bag tutorial is for you! I recently made 2 Pillow-size Paradigm mini quilts and stitched them together into this cute & functional bag. A tote bag like the one in this tutorial is perfect for summer trips to the pool or beach. Or, you can use it as a cute way to bring your groceries home from the store!

This free Quilted Tote Bag Tutorial is perfect for sewists of any skill level, and particularly great for a beginner quilter who wants to start off with a smaller project to learn new techniques! I particularly enjoy how great it is as a way to use up scraps for the piecing of the quilt block too!

Free Quilted Tote Bag Tutorial

Watch this free quilted tote bag video tutorial, or scroll down below to see the instructions written out!

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How to make a Mini Quilt Zipper Pouch

In this tutorial I will use the Triangular quilt pattern to show you how to turn a mini quilt into a zipper pouch!

Quilted zipper pouches are great for a variety of things, and this is the perfect size to store sewing tools such as rotary cutters, extra blades, or small quilting rulers. Take your quilting on the go with a homemade pouch to carry it in!

If you want to see the video tutorial for turning a mini quilt into a pouch, check it out here:

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Make Your Own Scrappy Fabric Christmas Card

Scrappy Fabric Christmas Card Tutorial

While there are tons of options out there for holiday cards, these homemade scrappy fabric Christmas cards are a great way to share your love of fabric crafts with those in your life!

If you’re a quilter or sewist, there’s a good chance you’ve got lots of fabric scraps laying around and this is the perfect small, quick project to make to spread some holiday cheer! Watch the full tutorial on this video now:

Supplies & Materials

  • Christmas cards PDF (download below)
  • Cardstock (65 wt)
  • Fabric scraps
  • Sewing Machine & thread

Printing the Christmas Card Templates

Begin prepping for making your Christmas Tree cards by printing out the templates onto your choice of card stock. I used this Card stock. You can print out all 3 templates included in the PDF, or just choose whichever page is your favorite. The options say “Merry Christmas”, “Tis the Season”, or “Merry & Bright”.

card stock for homemade card making, Christmas card using fabric and thread, fabric scraps for Christmas card, make a christmas tree with fabric scraps, homemade christmas tree card, how to make a Christmas Tree card with fabric

Cut up your fabric scraps

The fabric pieces I used were roughly between 1″ – 2″ tall and up to 4.5″ wide. Find the video above to see my process for trimming them – it’s easy & improv-y! The tutorial shows how to make a Christmas tree, but I’d love to see if you have any other ideas too!

The fabrics I used are all Connecting Threads blenders and solids. Check them out here.

homemade christmas cards tutorial, Christmas cards pdf download, homemade holiday cards, Christmas tree cards with scraps of fabric
fabric scraps for Christmas card, make a christmas tree with fabric scraps, homemade christmas tree card, how to make a Christmas Tree card with fabric

Stitch the Fabric Scraps onto Card stock

Once you have your design laid out, the next step is to stitch the fabric pieces directly onto the card. Use a large stitch length so the needle doesn’t punch too many holes into your paper. I put my machine at 4.5 length stitches. Once the fabric is stitched on, fold the card stock in half to make it into a card.

homemade christmas cards tutorial, Christmas cards pdf download, homemade holiday cards, Christmas tree cards with scraps of fabric

Write on the inside of the scrappy fabric Christmas card

Now it’s time to make it personal! Write a sweet, thoughtful note to your loved one on the inside of the card, and then give it to it’s recipient!

If you enjoyed this quick craft using fabric scraps, you might like these other tutorials:

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How to make a DIY Vintage Pincushion

homemade diy pincushion craft idea

Learn how to make a DIY Vintage Pincushion with Elizabeth Chappell of Quilters Candy. Elizabeth is a quilt pattern writer, host of an online quilt guild, and teacher of how to write and sell your own quilt patterns.

Learn to Make a DIY Vintage Pincushion

With just a few tools, you can make your very own vintage-inspired pin cushion. I got this idea from Farm Down The Lane. She took a vintage quilt top and a jell-o mold to make a pincushion. When she posted about this on Instagram, I asked if she would write a blog post about how to make one. She didn’t know how to begin making a tutorial, but she shared with me how she made it and gave me her blessing to share that with y’all. Thank you, Tami!

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Chair Yoga Poses for Quilters

Chair Yoga for Quilters, Chair Yoga Sequence, seated yoga poses, flexibility for quilters, stretches for shoulders, back stretches, quilting, fit quilters

These chair yoga poses will help loosen up your joints and muscles while focusing on the areas you as a quilter need the most.

If you often get lost in a sewing project, then I am sure you are familiar with your back, shoulders, spine, and other joints are screaming at you to stretch! You are not alone! I often find myself forgetting to take breaks for stretching and movement.

I decided to lead this 15-minute yoga sequence specifically as my gift to you! This sequence can be done entirely from the comfort of your chair, hence the name “chair yoga”! Watch the full video here:

I also have a breakdown of the poses here, as you might not have a 15-minute block of time to follow along on the video:

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Sewing Room Organization Tips & Tricks

How to organize a craft room, sewing room organization

Sewing room organization is a hot topic lately! Your sewing room can be a space where the creative mess can run wild. But, it can be tricky to create a space that truly works as hard for you as you work on your creative projects. Since moving into my home a little over 2 years ago, I’ve established my own personal favorite methods of organizing my sewing space and want to share some things about my room that I find the most helpful!

Sewing room organization, how to organize sewing room, craft room, how to set up a craft room, quilting room, quilting space, sewing space, fabric organization, how to store and organize fabric

Are you curious about how I keep my craft room & home office organized? In this article I’ll share with you my best tips for creating a workable & manageable space along with my recommendations for a non-traditional cutting table, my homemade design wall, and much more!

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