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Easy AccuQuilt Tutorial for Triangle in a Square Quilt Blocks

It’s no secret that AccuQuilt has been my preferred way to cut out fabric pieces for quilting for years, and making a Triangle in a Square quilt block is no exception! This easy AccuQuilt Tri-Rec quilt block tutorial will show you how to make fun triangle quilt blocks using an AccuQuilt fabric cutting system. We will use dies to cut out the Triangle fabric pieces and stitch them together for perfect Triangle in a Square quilt blocks every time.

Check out this video tutorial to watch how I use AccuQuilt to make the Tri-Rec quilt blocks:

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Top Five Modern AccuQuilt Quilt Patterns

If you’re a quilter, then you probably already know that there are often lots of different techniques you can use to make quilt blocks! The quilting experts are constantly coming out with neat new tools and products to make quilting easier and more accurate.

Back in the day, quilters cut out their fabrics with scissors. Eventually, the rotary cutter came about and replaced scissors for increased speed and accuracy. And now, we have some other cool cutting options that are even better! The AccuQuilt fabric cutting machine is personal favorite tool for super precise quilt blocks that come together really fast!

Before we dive into AccuQuilt quilt patterns, let’s cover the basics. If you want to learn more about AccuQuilt, I’m here to help! Check out some of these other blog posts to learn some AccuQuilt basics and even find out which machine best suits your needs:

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The 5 Best AccuQuilt Gift Ideas for Modern Quilters

Are you looking for gifts for the modern quilter in your life? Or maybe you’re the quilter looking for some ideas for your holiday wish list? Whatever the case, these 5 gift ideas from AccuQuilt are great for modern quilters! I’ve been using an AccuQuilt fabric cutting machine to cut out my quilting fabrics for years, and I’ve narrowed down some of my absolute favorite items – and some I hope to find under the Christmas tree for myself this year too!

With the holidays quickly approaching, I wanted to share just a handful of modern quilter gift ideas that range in price as low as just $10. Add these AccuQuilt favorites to your wish list, or grab one for an AccuQuilt quilter in your life!

If you want to hear about these 5 Best AccuQuilt gift ideas in a video, check it out here:

Do you love good deals too? Here’s a secret for you: Historically, AccuQuilt tends to run their best sales of the year in November and early December. They also have some awesome deals in July as well!

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How To Make A Custom AccuQuilt Die

Did you know you can cut out virtually ANY shape using an AccuQuilt fabric cutting machine, even if there’s not already an AccuQuilt die for that shape?! Let me tell you about how I recently ordered a CUSTOM AccuQuilt die from the AccuCut company Custom Shape Pros.

Whether you’re a quilter, sewist, fiber artist, or even paper crafter – using an AccuQuilt or AccuCut machine can drastically improve efficiency and accuracy!

In this video and blog post, I share with you the steps of the process for ordering your own custom AccuQuilt die. You’ll see my initial design concept all the way through to the actual finished die! It’s a very easy and quick process!

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Easy AccuQuilt Modern Baby Quilt Pattern

A new modern AccuQuilt-friendly half square triangle quilt pattern is available and perfect for baby quilts! The Sail quilt pattern is an easy quilt pattern for beginners featuring 2 different sizes of Half Square Triangles. AND, If you like using an AccuQuilt fabric cutting machine, then Sail is the perfect next quilt pattern for you!

Bold baby quilts are super popular right now for modern nursery decor and also a very practical item for any new mom! Grab the Sail quilt pattern to make a modern half square triangle baby quilt like this one! Learn how you can use your AccuQuilt Fabric Cutting machine to make this easy, modern baby quilt pattern! This pattern is simple and yet packs a big punch for design!

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How to Make an Economy Quilt Block Using AccuQuilt

square in a square quilt block tutorial

The most precise way to make an Economy Quilt Block is to use a fabric cutting machine like AccuQuilt to cut out the pieces for you! I’ve been a huge fan of AccuQuilt for a while now, and this Economy Quilt block tutorial will show you exactly why I love it so much! Making an Economy Quilt block using AccuQuilt is super easy and there’s a good chance you already have the dies you’ll need! Follow the tutorial below to get started and learn all my secrets for making a perfect and precise quilt block.

If you don’t have an AccuQuilt fabric cutting machine, you can still make an Economy Quilt Block using a rotary cutter by following this Economy quilt block tutorial.

Here’s a short video to learn how to make an Economy Quilt Block using an AccuQuilt fabric cutting machine:

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