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DIY Fabric Bunting Banner Sewing Tutorial

In this tutorial, I am thrilled to share with you an exciting DIY Sewing project for your home or party decor: a fabric bunting pennant banner. I made this DIY home decor project for my baby nursery but the possibilities are really endless for your own bunting banner!

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home decor, create a festive atmosphere for a special occasion, or infuse a seasonal flair into your surroundings, this DIY tutorial has got you covered. With just a few materials and a sewing machine, you’ll learn how to bring a charming and personalized touch to your living space. So, gather your favorite fabrics, fire up your sewing machine, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of fabric pennant banners, where imagination and creativity come to life!

Simple Sewing DIY Tutorial Video

You can find the full instructions written out below, but if video is your preference you can watch the step-by-step sewing tutorial here:

sewing supplies for fabric home decor project

Materials and Supplies:

I will guide you through how to create a beautiful fabric bunting banner using your fabric cutting method of choice. One option is to use the AccuQuilt GO! Pennants Die for precise and effortless cutting, while other options are to use triangular quilting rulers or even a template for your desired size and shape. Any of these cutting methods will result in a stunning banner featuring nine triangle pennants in any fabrics of your choice. Let’s get started!

Fabric Preparation for your Bunting Banner

Before you start cutting and sewing, there are a few steps to take to prep your fabrics. First, you’ll want to select a few different fabrics for your pennants. You can use as many different fabrics as you’d like. I personally chose 3 fabrics for my pennants and a complimentary fabric for the bias tape.

Once you have selected the fabrics to use, iron them to remove any wrinkles and use your favorite starch or starch alternative to make the fabric a little easier to work with.

DIY Bias Tape for Pennant Fabric Bunting Banner

It’s very possible to skip this step by purchasing a package of bias tape or even ribbon, however I recommend making it yourself for the greatest options of colors and fabrics.

If you are making your own bias tape, I recommend a double-fold tape. I made mine by cutting fabric into 2-inch strips on a 45-degree angle (the bias), and then sewing those strips together into one long strip. Next, fold the strip in half and then fold the raw edges in towards that center fold and press with a hot iron.

The length of bias tape you need will depend on how long of a banner you want. My bias tape was about 3-yards and I trimmed it down to size after assembly.

DIY Bias tape banner

Cutting out the Pennant Flags

To make a bunting banner out of pennant flags, you will to cut out two pieces of fabric for each flag on your banner. For mine, I planned on 9 triangle sections and cut out the following pieces:

  • Orange print fabric: 6
  • Orange Dapple Dot fabric: 4
  • Green Bee Cross Stitch fabric: 8

How to Make a Pennant Banner using the AccuQuilt GO! Pennants Die

While you can use a variety of methods or techniques to cut out your desired flag shapes, I found it very easy using the AccuQuilt pennants die. I simply laid out up to 6 layers of fabric over the triangle shape, placed the cutting mat on top, and ran it through the machine. Repeat that process until you have your desired number of pieces.

using accuquilt to make a DIY pennant flag banner

Alternative Cutting Options

If AccuQuilt is not your thing, you can absolutely still make a pennant banner relatively easily! You can make your flags any shape and size you prefer. If triangles are your preference, you might want to use a 60-degree triangle ruler like this one, or maybe consider making your own template to cut out your flags with.

Making the Fabric Bunting Banner Pennant Flags

Now that you’ve cut out your triangles (or alternative flag shape) it’s time to start sewing!

Begin by pairing up the pieces into sets with matching fabrics, arranging them right sides together. Then, stitch them along the two long edges using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Leave the short end of the triangles open, as you will use this side to turn them right side out in a moment.

After sewing, trim off the point of the fabric to reduce the bulk. Be careful not to accidentally snip through your seam. I like to leave about 1/8″ of fabric at the tip to be on the safe side.

pennant flag banner tutorial

Next, turn your flag units right side out using a sharp object or a point turner to get the corner crisp. Then press the flag with a hot iron to get it flat and crisp. You can use spray starch here as well if you prefer, but it is not required.

bunting flags DIY project sewing tutorial

Pennant Banner Assembly

After you have made all your pennant flags, it’s time to assemble them into the banner! Begin by arranging the pennants in your desired color sequence. Find the center point of your bias tape and begin to place the center flag into the bias tape so that the tape encloses the top raw edge of the flag. Pin the center flag in place and then work your way outwards repeating the same process for all pennants and leaving a small space between each one.

DIY Fabric Bunting Banner Sewing Tutorial
How to make a Fabric Bunting Banner Sewing Tutorial

Sewing the Bunting Together

Begin by threading your sewing machine with a thread that matches your bias tape. Using a simple straight stitch sew along the open edge of the bias tape starting at one end of the bias tape and stitching all the way across the banner, securing the pennant flags in place.

As you sew, be sure to remove the pins before you get to them. Do not sew over the pins.

making a fabric pennant flag banner with AccuQuilt

Finishing Touches for your Fabric Bunting Banner

Now that you’ve finished the cutting, prepping, and sewing you are finally ready to hang up your banner! You might prefer to trim off any loose threads and give the pennants a final press with your iron first. Then, hang your banner in your desired location and feel free to trim off excess bias tape or ribbon on both ends so that they are symmetrical.

Pennant flag banner home decor DIY tutorial

I hope you enjoy your gorgeous new piece of home decor!

Congratulations on creating a delightful fabric bunting banner using either the AccuQuilt GO! Pennants Die or a quilting ruler! Whether you opt for the convenience of die cutting or the versatility of quilting rulers, your banner is sure to add a touch of charm to any occasion. Enjoy showcasing your sewing and quilting skills with this beautiful project!

Make a DIY Fabric flag banner bunting for your nursery decoration

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