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How to get Perfect Tension on Every Stitch with the deLuxe™ Stitch System

Are you aware of the importance of even tension for your top and bobbin threads on your sewing machine? Having good tension is essential for any kind of sewing projects. But it can be tricky if you ever switch up the types of thread you use.

One key thing that sets some sewing machines apart from others is their ability to automatically adjust for lots of different purposes. As a long-time fan of HUSQVARNA VIKING® machines, I’d love to share about the deLuxe™ stitch system. It provides automatic adjustments for any sewing project, even while using the most tricky and delicate threads.

Wan to hear me talk about the struggles of thread breakage & why I love my sewing machine so much? Enjoy this quick video:

What is the deLuxe™ Stitch System?

The deLuxe™ Stitch System is a patented function on many HUSQVARNA VIKING® machines. It helps the machine automatically choose between using thread tension or thread portioning to feed thread through the machine. Whether the machine uses thread tension or thread portioning, the deLuxe™ Stitch System ensures perfect stitches while using any material and any type of thread.

Thread Tension

Nearly every sewing machine uses thread tension as the typical method to create even stitches. It involves feeding the thread through a set of plates that apply a small amount of pressure. Thread tension is traditionally adjusted manually, but newer computerized machines adjust tension automatically. Many HUSQVARNA VIKING® machines adjust tension automatically, with the option to manually adjust as well.

Thread Portioning

Some computerized sewing machines utilize a newer technique known as thread portioning. The unique thing about thread portioning is that it takes away the need for constant pressure through the tension disks. Instead, the sewing machine computer calculates out exactly how much thread is needed for each individual stitch. The machine feeds that exact length through for each stitch. Since there is no tension on the thread while using thread portioning, it does not break.

Why is the deLuxe™ Stitch System important?

While having perfect tension on any project is always lovely, the really important benefit comes in when working with metallic thread or other thread that shreds or breaks easily. The deLuxe™ Stitch System is useful for embroidery, quilting, or regular sewing any time you are working with delicate threads.

HUSQVARNA VIKING® EPIC 95Q sewing machine

How does the deLuxe™ Stitch System work?

The unique features on the HUSQVARNA VIKING® sewing machines allow the computer to choose which method of thread tension is best. If the machine senses that the thread being used is delicate or will break easily, the stitch system uses the Thread Portioning technique. For the thread portioning technique, the computer calculates out exactly how much thread is needed for each individual stitch, taking into account both the type and size of the stitch as well as the thickness of the fabric. It feeds that exact thread amount length through the machine for each stitch and no longer needs to apply constant tension to the thread.

To see the perfect stitches in action, watch this video by HUSQVARNA VIKING®.

Which machines feature the deLuxe™ Stitch System?

I personally use and love two sewing machines that feature the deLuxe™ Stitch System. I’ve had the DESIGNER BRILLIANCE™ 80 machine for a while and love using it for both embroidery projects as well as quilting projects. Additionally, I recently also added the EPIC™ 95Q machine to my collection. This machine works wonderfully for someone specifically focused on quilting.

The deLuxe™ Stitch System is available on all the following machines:

  • EPIC™ 95Q
  • EPIC™ 980Q
  • the original DESIGNER EPIC™

Contact your local sewing machine dealer to test drive some machines and find the best one for you! As a HUSQVARNA VIKING® ambassador, I am also always happy to help answer your questions too!

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Getting Started With a Serger

As someone who loves sewing and quilting and lots of other types of crafting, I get asked about sewing machines quite a bit. One specific type of sewing machine is a serger or “overlock” machine, and today I’m going to go over some serger basics for you!

I actually was sewing for years and years before ever getting a serger, so if you feel like you “need” one you might not really. While getting an overlock machine may not be essential, it is a really fun tool to have for certain techniques, and I find myself using mine on quilts often!

Watch this video to learn how to get started Serging, or continue reading to see each step of the process:

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3 Quilting Hacks for Sewing Straight Lines

Quilting Hacks for Straight Line Quilting, Sewing Hacks, Quilting Tips, How to quilt straight lines, quilting gloves, what is a walking foot, how to quilt

In this post I will share 3 Quilting Hacks to make straight line quilting on your domestic sewing machine easy & stress-free. If you’ve ever been frustrated trying to quilt straight lines on your domestic sewing machine, this post is for you! I was quilting for years before finding some of these quilting tips & tricks, and I have to share them with you because of how much easier they make my quilting experience!

3 quilting hacks for sewing straight lines, quilting hacks for straight line quilting, learn how to quilt straight lines, how to quilt on your domestic sewing machine

Quilting straight lines on a domestic sewing machine may not be easy at first! It definitely takes some getting used to and lots of practice. Straight line quilting is my personal go-to method for when I’m quilting myself (as opposed to send quilts off to a long arm quilter)

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Sewing Room Organization Tips & Tricks

How to organize a craft room, sewing room organization

Sewing room organization is a hot topic lately! Your sewing room can be a space where the creative mess can run wild. But, it can be tricky to create a space that truly works as hard for you as you work on your creative projects. Since moving into my home a little over 2 years ago, I’ve established my own personal favorite methods of organizing my sewing space and want to share some things about my room that I find the most helpful!

Sewing room organization, how to organize sewing room, craft room, how to set up a craft room, quilting room, quilting space, sewing space, fabric organization, how to store and organize fabric

Are you curious about how I keep my craft room & home office organized? In this article I’ll share with you my best tips for creating a workable & manageable space along with my recommendations for a non-traditional cutting table, my homemade design wall, and much more!

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The Top 5 Best Sewing Machine Features

Are you considering buying a new sewing machine? Maybe you’ve been having the itch to learn how to sew for a while now and you just want to dive in by getting your very first machine, or maybe you are gaining experience and are looking to upgrade! Whatever the case, I am here to help guide you towards finding the best machine for your needs! 

As a sewist and a quilter, there are a few key things I looked for when sewing machine shopping, and even some features that I wasn’t particularly looking for but I turned out to love SO MUCH! so are you ready to find out the Top 5 Best Sewing Machine Features?!

You might already know this about me, but I am a total HUSQVARNA® VIKING® fan. My very first machine was a HUSQVARNA® VIKING® EMERALD that I got for my 16th birthday and I’ve been obsessed with this brand ever since. The machines are total workhorses and have tons of unique design features with the sewist in mind! I recently upgraded to the HUSQVARNA® VIKING® DESIGNER BRILLIANCE 80 machine and I am pleased to announce that this machine has all 5 of these amazing features and so. much. more.

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