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Learn the Basics of English Paper Piecing (EPP)

English Paper Piecing, called EPP for short, is a hand sewing technique used in quilting. It features using shapes of card stock to keep the fabric in the correct sizes and shapes.

If this is your first time trying English Paper Piecing, this video might help you see the two main types of stitches you can use. I’d suggest you try out both and see which way you prefer.

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A Beginner’s Chain Sewing Guide to Quick Piecing

chain sewing quilt blocks, quilt piecing quickly

If you’re new to quilting, there’s a chance you aren’t yet familiar with the concept of “chain sewing”. Chain sewing is one of my favorite techniques for quickly piecing many blocks at one time. To put it simply, chain sewing saves time & thread! To chain sew, you simply sew a bunch of pieces one after the other without snipping the thread in between until you’re done.

If you want to see chain sewing in action, check out this fun video:

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Reverberate Quilt Pattern

Reverberate modern quilt pattern, fat quarter quilt, brightly colored quilt, flying geese quilt, quilting tutorial, fat quarter fabrics, homemadeemilyjane

Since I began quilting in 2013, I’ve always loved pairing traditional geometric shapes with modern designs, styles, and fabrics. I love to have fun with a nod towards tradition, and that just about sums up what the Reverberate Quilt Pattern is all about! This pattern features squares and Flying Geese blocks, which are obviously not anything new, but arranges them in a fun, modern design!

Find out more about Reverberate by watching this video or read more below:

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