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Throw Size Solitaire Quilt

tropical quilt easy beginner solitaire quilt pattern

I hope you love this end-of-summer throw size Solitaire Quilt! It’s inspired by my love for bright colors and the winding down of summer.

The Throw size version of the Solitaire Quilt features the 8-at-a-time Half Square Triangles method, and you can get the pattern here. The quilt pattern is fat quarter friendly and also works great for a Layer Cake or 10″ squares! This throw size Solitaire uses 8 fat quarters for the inner triangles.

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How to Make Magic 8 Half Square Triangles

Magic 8 Half Square Triangles Quilting Tutorial with video

If you’ve never learned how to make 8 Half Square Triangles at one time you are missing out! This super magic skill is essential for any quilter, and is even called the Magic 8 HST method! This 8-at-a-time HST technique is a great shortcut for beginners, and is featured in my beginner-friendly Solitaire Quilt Pattern.

You can learn how to make 8 Half Square Triangle Quilt Blocks at one time by reading the step-by-step instructions below, or by watching this quick video:

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Quilt Batting: Which is the Best?

Wondering which type of batting to use on a quilt? It can certainly be quite confusing! This post will walk you through a couple of the most common types of batting and help you determine which type of batting is best for you!

Of course finding the Best Quilt Batting might change depending on what your needs are for your quilt. Watch this video for a brief overview of some common types of batting:

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How to make a DIY Vintage Pincushion

homemade diy pincushion craft idea

Learn how to make a DIY Vintage Pincushion with Elizabeth Chappell of Quilters Candy. Elizabeth is a quilt pattern writer, host of an online quilt guild, and teacher of how to write and sell your own quilt patterns.

Learn to Make a DIY Vintage Pincushion

With just a few tools, you can make your very own vintage-inspired pin cushion. I got this idea from Farm Down The Lane. She took a vintage quilt top and a jell-o mold to make a pincushion. When she posted about this on Instagram, I asked if she would write a blog post about how to make one. She didn’t know how to begin making a tutorial, but she shared with me how she made it and gave me her blessing to share that with y’all. Thank you, Tami!

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Explore Quilt: a Fast, Free, Easy Modern Quilt Pattern

easy quilt pattern, free quilt pattern, free quilt pattern beginner, explore quilt pattern, half square triangles quilt pattern

If you love free quilt patterns, you’ve come to the right place! This beginner-friendly quilt pattern is perfect for a quick finish and great for any skill level!

The Explore Quilt Pattern is a fun, modern design that doesn’t require matching up any seams which means it’s really great for beginners who might not be real precise in their sewing yet.

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