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The Best Fabric Cutting Machine

Which is the best fabric cutting machine? If you know me, you know I get a LOT of use out of my cutting machines! There are a few major fabric cutting machines that are popular, and the two that I have are the Cricut Maker and the AccuQuilt Go!

These machines are both amazing – and honestly I really can’t pick a “BEST” fabric cutting machine because they are also so different. This video highlights the differences between the 2 models in hopes that you can gain clarity into which fabric cutting machine is best for you:

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Cricut Maker vs. AccuQuilt Go!

If videos aren’t your thing, here’s a brief synopsis of what the video will tell you.

AccuQuilt fabric cutting machine compared to cricut maker

Types of Materials

While it makes sense to assume that both of these machines cut fabric, it’s also important to note that the Cricut can cut numerous other materials, depending on what blade is attached to the machine. It can cut all different kinds of vinyl and paper, as well as some leather and even wood too! In comparison, the AccuQuilt machines are meant to cut out fabric but they can also cut paper. I don’t believe it’s recommended to cut anything else with them though.

Cricut Maker cutting vinyl, cutting machine comparison, wedding decoration, use cricut for wedding decor
Wedding Welcome Sign made using Cricut Maker

Cutting Machine Design Process

The Cricut design process is digital through use of the “Cricut Design Studio” which is a really neat application where you can do all different kinds of custom designs! It’s incredible and customizable so you can make lots of amazing shapes, words, pictures, etc. which is great for applique!

Cricut design space, how to design a shape for cricut, using cricut cutting machine, cutting machine comparison

In comparison, the AccuQuilt design process is much more standardized. The dies are pre-made to fit common quilting shapes and work together to make blocks and quilts. AccuQuilt does provide a lot of pre-made applique dies, but they aren’t as customizable as the Cricut Design space software makes it. It is also possible to get custom dies made but I personally haven’t really looked into that. (The current die selection is plenty for me!)

90% Faster Than Rotary Cutters
cutting machine comparison, accuquilt die options, which accuquilt dies are best, what fabric machine is best

Which Cutting Machine is Right for YOU?

This is the moment of truth where you determine which cutting machine is best for you. If you find the need for a lot of custom shapes, or want to cut many different kinds of materials, the Cricut Maker is a definite winner. However, if you want to be able to cut out the majority of your quilt pieces in a very short amount of time, then AccuQuilt is the best for you!

Cutting machine comparison, which cutting machine is best for fabric, learn how to cut fabric with a cutting machine, homemade emily jane

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Cutting machine comparison, which cutting machine is best for fabric, learn how to cut fabric with a cutting machine, homemade emily jane
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