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10 Steps to Easy Hand Quilting

10 Easy Steps to Hand Quilting Like a Pro:

Do you want to learn how to hand quilt? Now’s the perfect time to get started! If you’re really unfamiliar with hand quilting, head over to read about the supplies you’ll need.

Watch my full Easy Hand Quilting video tutorial now:

Duke on Quilt

STEP 1: Time to gather your “quilt vision”. Lay the quilt out on a nice flat area and just look at it for a while. Ask the fabric where it should be quilted and plan out in your mind where your stitches will go. It is essential to start with a plan, so don’t skip this step! This is also where a nice ruler and hera marker come in very handy if you plan to mark your lines!

Hand Quilting Supplies.jpg

STEP 2: Once you have a plan or a general idea in mind, go ahead and put your basted quilt into your nice, large, quilting hoop. This device provides tension on your layers of fabric and batting, and will help keep your stitches straight and even. TIP: Make sure not to make it too tight, you do want a little give in it.

STEP 3: Thread one of your needles and tie a little knot at one end of the thread. Just one simple knot is perfect.

Knot in String

STEP 4: Carefully take your needle and insert it through the quilt top and batting fabric nearby where you plan your stitches, and draw it back up exactly where you want your first stitch to start. Give the thread a tug to pull the knot to the inside of the quilt layers. (HINT: this is referred to as “burying the threads” and is SO cool because it’s like hiding tiny little secrets inside the layers!)

Step 5: Insert your needle straight down in the place you want your stitch to complete. Push through all layers this time.

straight down stitch

Step 6: Rock your needle backwards while pushing up on the fabric with your other hand, creating a tiny little mountain in your hoop. Immediately push your needle back to the top of your quilty layers. That’s your first stitch.

Step 7: Repeat steps 5 & 6 until your thread tail is just a few inches long, or you reach the end of your design. The key here is to aim for each stitch to be the same size.

rock the needle back

Step 8: Tie a little knot in your thread tail, using your needle or your finger to pull the knot as close to the quilt itself as possible. Draw the needle down into the hole it just came up, but only through the quilt top and the batting. Pull the needle back up through the top an inch or so away, and tug the thread until the knot disappears into the quilt layers. **MAGIC**


hand quilting

Step 10: Don’t give up. You’re just getting started! …and be sure to send me pictures of your awesome progress! Please! I want to see your work!

easy hand quilting

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      Hi Emily,
      I made a queen size quilt which i tried to machine quilt but it’s too heavy and won’t feed through easily. So, I am trying handquilting it. Can you advise what to do about the batting coming through? Thank you

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    Great post!

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