Craft Room Workstations: 3 Ideas for the Ideal Sewing Room or Crafting Space

Are you looking for craft room ideas for your creative space or sewing room? I’ve got three fantastic crafting workstation ideas to share with you!

Whether you’re an avid scrapbooker, a passionate sewer, or a multi-talented crafter, finding the right workstation can significantly enhance your creative experience. In the following post, we explore three distinct craft room workstations. Each work table is uniquely designed to cater to different needs and preferences. And Bonus: all three crafting work stations include great storage too!

Sewing Room Workstation Video

You can scroll through this post to see all three workstations I have in my sewing room. Or, if you want to see me spill all the details, check out this video:

Three Crafting Workstations

These three craft room workstations aim to inspire a seamless and enjoyable crafting journey! The storage ideas offer practical solutions to keep craft materials tidy, tools accessible, and the creative spirit flowing. I love how all three of these crafting workstations include storage for all your creative supplies and crafting tools!

dream sewing room workstations with cutting mats

Craft Room Kitchen Island Workstation

I’ll start off by sharing this ever-popular storage and workstation solution: The IKEA Tornviken Kitchen Island. Utilizing a kitchen island in a craft room is a wonderful way to seamlessly incorporate storage and functionality in your sewing space.

large workspace for craft room

The IKEA Torkviken kitchen island is a versatile and functional choice for creating an efficient and organized craft room workstation. The island features a spacious countertop that offers ample room for spreading out materials, whether you’re working on scrapbooking, sewing, or other craft activities.

counter height crafting table

One of the standout features of the Torkviken kitchen island is its storage capabilities. The island comes equipped with shelves on one side. The shelves provide open storage for items such as paper rolls, cutting mats, or bins of fabric. The other side of the island is open. So, you can add barstools and invite some friends to craft with you too!

crafting table for sewing room

Additionally, you can add wheels onto the Torkviken kitchen island for added mobility. With wheels, you can easily move the island around the craft room to create a dynamic and adaptable workspace. Whether you need more space for a particular project or want to reconfigure your craft room layout, the island’s mobility makes it a breeze.

craft room idea for workstation space

Cubby Storage Workstation

Adding a couple cubby storage units can make an incredible workstation in your sewing room! One of the key advantages of using multiple cubby units is the accessibility they offer. With everything in plain view and within reach, you can easily locate and retrieve the materials you need for your projects. This accessibility promotes a smooth and uninterrupted creative process, saving time and minimizing frustration. Additionally, cubby units lend themselves well to the use of baskets, bins, or decorative boxes! These can further enhance organization and contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the craft room.

sewing room and crafting room ideas

Two 9-cubby units placed back to back is the perfect size for a 24″ x 36″ cutting mat on top. Alternatively, you can arrange two 9-cubby units and two similar 6-cubby units into a larger space and top it with a 36″ x 48″ cutting mat.

creative craft room ideas for storage and work space

If you choose to arrange the cubby units in the same manner I did, you’ll have a few sides exposed which are great for hanging up tools or supplies too! I used a command hook to hang one of my most-used rulers to the side of this cubby.

standing table for crafting

The versatility of cubby units is another reason I love them for a craft room workstation. They can be arranged against a wall, configured in a corner, or even used as room dividers to create defined crafting zones. This flexibility allows you to maximize the use of your available space and create a customized layout that suits your workflow. Overall, incorporating multiple cubby units into your craft room workstation provides a practical and visually pleasing solution for organizing a wide array of crafting materials while maintaining a creative and inspiring atmosphere.

cabinet storage for crafting workspace

Kitchen Cabinet Workstation

If you need a long workstation, this is my favorite! I love how this one helps me cut multiple yards of fabric at a time!

The IKEA KNOXHULT cabinets present an excellent solution for establishing an organized and functional craft room workstation. These cabinets are not only budget-friendly but also boast a clean and contemporary design for your crafting space. With their modular construction, the KNOXHULT cabinets allow for customization to suit your specific storage needs in a craft room. You can mix and match different cabinet sizes to create a layout that accommodates your crafting supplies, tools, and materials. I personally chose to use the KNOXHULT cabinets from IKEA in the 72″ x 24″ dimensions. They also offer a 48″ wide option and also a 15″ wide option with drawers that can be used together or individually.

sewing room ideas for cutting table with storage

The cabinets offer a plethora of storage options, including very deep drawers and shelves. We love designated spaces for various crafting essentials. The ample countertop space on the KNOXHULT cabinets serves as an expansive work surface. It is ideal for cutting, measuring, and assembling projects. This feature is especially valuable for crafters like me who require a generous area to spread out their materials and work comfortably. The cabinets can house everything from yarn and fabric to paints and crafting tools, keeping your supplies neatly organized and easily accessible.

On top of my cabinet, you’ll see two large cutting mats placed side by side. I love these pink mats!

sewing room workstation idea

Complete Sewing Room Tour for more Craft Room Ideas

Did you love checking out these ideas for a dream sewing room or craft room? If you want even more crafting space inspiration, check out my entire tour of my dream sewing room! You can see learn all about my sewing space here, or watch the video:

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