How to Brighten Your Sewing Space

Since moving into my new sewing space a little over a year ago, I have been dreaming of having better lighting in my room! I just have one medium size window and a little ceiling light fixture and the lack of light had been making it hard to see what I was doing, and even more difficult to take any decent photos! Luckily, I have been able to partner with Ottlite to brighten up my space and share with you how I went about it!


Whether you are a quilter, sewist, crafter, or have another amazing hobby, you might also feel that you need to increase your lighting but aren’t sure which products are right for you – so this is how I made my decision. I thought about which areas I needed concentrated lighting in the most, and where I currently had space for a light or could make space for one! After much deliberation, I decided to get the Dual Shade LED Floor Lamp with USB Charging Station and the Extra Wide Area LED Clamp Lamp. I chose the LED lamps on purpose because they are going to last a lot longer and they’re more efficient!

The two most important tasks in quilting to have great lighting for are sewing (duh) and cutting. Accuracy and precision is essential for you to get the desired look out of your quilt, and if you don’t have good lighting to see what you are doing, you’re straining your eyes and your body, and doing yourself a great disservice.

I got the extra wide table clamp lamp for my sewing area where my sewing machine sits on my desk. My machine itself already has great little lights to illuminate the space directly around the sewing needle, but this amazing lamp lights up so much more than just the machine! It is very helpful, especially when quilting large projects! I also often will move my sewing machine and use my desk for hand quilting, so already having this lamp set up is incredibly helpful and makes the process so much better!


My floor lamp is always running double duty with it’s dual lights on it! I keep this lamp in the corner next to my cutting area (which also happens to be the space I use to pin pieces together or mark quilts before quilting!) so I can always see exactly what is going on – day or night! This lamp also comes complete with an amazing USB Charging station that just so perfectly holds my phone or ipad. I adore this feature because I can save all my electronic quilt patterns as PDFs on my iPad and now I do not need to print them out or waste valuable space on my cutting mat to have my laptop out! Now that is what I call efficiency!

Even if you have an amazing sewing space with tons of windows, you still likely need to add in some lights so you can quilt later into the evenings (or early mornings, if you are an early bird like me!) These lights bring the look and feel of natural daylight into the room and enable me to quilt at any hour, rain or shine!

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