The Sewing Machine that Teaches You How to Sew

Beginner’s Guide to JoyOS ADVISOR™

This post is for all you high-tech high-quality sewing machine lovers out there! Did you know there is a way to have sewing instructions and tutorials completely integrated into your sewing machine?! It’s practically like having a sewing teacher that lives inside your machine!

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Since getting my HUSQVARNA® VIKING® DESIGNER BRILLIANCE™ 80 sewing/embroidery machine I have actually learned SO much about sewing, quilting, embroidery, materials, stabilizer, thread, stitch length, and well, a lot of stuff! One of my favorite features on this new HUSQVARNA® VIKING® machine (that I was not expecting to find so impactful) is the JoyOS ADVISOR™ which came built into the machine. As soon as I turn my machine on, the screen pops up where I input specifics for the project I am working on. I can tell the machine what kind of fabric I am sewing (mostly woven medium-weight) and what stitches I need, and other specifics, and then the machine can automatically adjust the settings to be juuust right for my particular project. I really love how it takes the guess work/trial and error out of finding all the right settings! Another option is to use a pre-set project and follow the step-by-step instructions the program provides.

Included in the JoyOS ADVISOR™ you will see a variety of specialties the tool can help with, including: Sewing, Quilting, Embroidery, Sewing Instructions, Quick Start Guide, and the Stabilizer Guide. Each of these focuses can help answer a wide variety of questions or concerns you may run into while working on a project to trying to learn a new skill!

Not only does the JoyOS ADVISOR™ help you with know how to do your projects, but it also allows you to create and store projects via the mySewnet™ Project Creator so you can go back and find them later on! This tool is incredible if you’re like me and tend to start a lot of projects before finishing some!

Now that I have thoroughly convinced you that JoyOS ADVISOR™ is every sewists dream, check out these awesome machines that have it built in:

What if you want to access your projects on the go?

You might want to read sewing instructions or tutorials when you aren’t sitting directly at your sewing machine and HUSQVARNA® VIKING® has come up with the perfect solution: The JoyOS ADVISOR™ is now available on any smart device via your AppStore of choice!

You can download the JoyOS Advisor App Now!

This is straight from the website: You can now enjoy the HUSQVARNA VIKING® JoyOS ADVISOR™ feature from your smartphone or tablet no matter where you are. The JoyOS ADVISOR™ app features sewing instructions and tutorials that sync with your mySewnet™-enabled sewing machine. The app is with you every step of the way – access project supplies while out shopping, check your measurements while at your cutting table, and load a stitch from across the room.

Now that you are all up to speed on the amazing features of JoyOS ADVISOR™, check out these other amazing tech features offered in HUSQVARNA® VIKING® Sewing and Embroidery machines:

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