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Learn to Quilt: Join the Intro to Quilting Mini Course!

Are you looking for a beginner quilting course or class?! Welcome to Homemade Emily Jane, your go-to destination for all things quilting and sewing!

I am thrilled to share the Intro to Quilting Mini Course with you! This self-paced mini course is designed especially for beginner quilters. Are you eager to embark on a creative journey and bring your quilt-making dreams to life? Through this beginner quilting course I will guide you every step of the way! You’ll have access to written and video instructions. This course will empower you to create a beautiful quilt of your choice. Join this exciting adventure and unlock your quilting potential!

The beginner quilting mini course will be delivered to your email in a series of 7 lessons to walk you through everything you need to know to make your first quilt. I can’t wait to get started!

Why Choose the Intro to Quilting Mini Course?

This Course is Perfect for Beginner Quilters

This digital course is tailored specifically for those who are new to the world of quilting. Starting a quilting project can feel overwhelming, but fear not! We will break down the process into easily digestible lessons, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable learning experience. Whether you just got your first sewing machine or already have some basic sewing skills, this course is the ideal starting point for your quilting journey.

Self-Paced Convenience

We believe that learning should be flexible and fit into your busy schedule. With this self-paced mini course, you can learn at your own pace and progress through the lessons as it suits you best. By delivering the course content via email, you will receive a new lesson every few days. I designed this structure to provide you time and flexibility.

While the lessons will come to you throughout a whole month, I encourage you to take it at your own pace. Take the time you need to absorb the information, practice the techniques, and ask any questions that may arise along the way. All the lessons will remain in your email inbox for as long as you need them available to you!

Comprehensive and Supportive

This course provides you with the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary to create a quilt you will be proud of. Throughout the course, you will receive detailed written instructions for various topics accompanied by video tutorials. The combination of articles and videos ensures that you grasp each concept fully. I’ve broken it down into a series of 7 lessons which you can revisit at any time (as long as you save your emails.) In addition to the pre-recorded self-paced lessons, I am committed to supporting you throughout your quilting journey. I am always happy to answer any queries or provide additional guidance as you move through the lessons.

Choose to Make Any Quilt Pattern

We understand that quilting is a deeply personal and creative endeavor. That’s why, in the Intro to Quilting Mini Course, you have the freedom to choose the quilt pattern that you want to make. I will guide you through the process and recommend a few beginner-friendly patterns you may want to try. Then, you can follow the pattern as I show you the whole process from start to finish. I’ll help with selecting supplies, piecing, quilting, and binding. This flexibility allows you to express your unique style and preferences! Whether you are envisioning a traditional patchwork quilt or a modern geometric design, this course will provide the skills needed to bring your vision to life.

Unlock Your Creativity

Quilting is an art form that allows you to unleash your creativity and create something truly special. As you progress through the email lessons in the quilting course, you will not only learn the technical aspects of quilting but also gain the confidence to experiment, personalize, and add your own touch to your quilt. We’ll guide you in exploring various design possibilities and encourage you to embrace your own unique style.

The BEST value for a Quilting Course

This self-paced beginner quilting course is available to you for free! You’ll receive a series of emails from me, each one packed with useful and helpful information for you to begin your quilting journey. This 7-lesson course is packed with value at no cost to you – it’s a no-brainer.

If you’ve been dreaming of creating your own quilt but feel unsure of where to start, then the Intro to Quilting Mini Course is the perfect launching pad for your quilting journey. Through these comprehensive email-based lessons, complete with written instructions and video tutorials, you will acquire the essential skills and knowledge to bring your quilt to life.

The Intro-to-Quilting Mini Course is for me if I …

…am a beginner quilter looking for a structured and supportive learning experience.

…desire the flexibility of a self-paced course that fits into my busy schedule.

…prefer a combination of written instructions and video tutorials for comprehensive learning.

…want to choose and create my own unique quilt design.

…seek a community of like-minded individuals who share my passion for quilting.

…am excited to explore my creativity and add a personal touch to my quilts.

…want to gain confidence in my quilting skills and techniques.

…am ready to embark on a fulfilling and enjoyable quilting journey with expert guidance.

…want to unlock the joy and satisfaction that comes from creating something beautiful with my own hands.

No matter your experience level or background, the Intro to Quilting Mini Course welcomes you with open arms, ready to empower you to become a confident quilter and bring your quilting dreams to life. Join us today and let the stitching adventure begin!

Beginner Quilt Patterns

This course can be followed along using ANY quilt pattern! I highly recommend following an easy, beginner-friendly pattern like some of these offered here:

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