Half Square Triangle Quilt Pattern for Baby Boys

If you’re looking for a fun, fast, and easy Half Square Triangle Quilt Pattern, then the Sail pattern is perfect for you! This quilt pattern was designed to be easy enough for a beginner and the modern geometric design lends well to baby quilts for boys!

As you can see, even my fur baby boy Beau loves this sail quilt pattern!

quilt pattern for baby boy

Fabrics on this Baby Boy Quilt

The fabrics used in this quilt top are all Riley Blake Basics:

I then decided to back it in my favorite Shannon Fabrics minky Cuddle Dot in Navy and then did the binding in the same Kisses Pumpkin fabric that is on the quilt top.

quilt pattern for baby boy

A Perfect Quilting Design for Baby Boy Quilts

This baby boy quilt was long arm quilted by my mom, @janejustsew. We thought some waves would add some fun curves to this geometric hst quilt pattern and also play into the idea of the triangles being little Sail boats.

The quilting design is called Modern Waves by Kimberlee Diamond of Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio. You can get the pano here. I really enjoy how the waves on the quilting balance out the sharp geometric shapes of the quilt block design.

quilt pattern for baby boy

Sidenote: If you zoom into the photo above, you can see a little baby gator hanging out on a lily pad! The area I live in is very close to some lakes, in particular this one large lake that has TONS of alligators in it (and it’s really suitable for people to play in!) but we sure do enjoy doing down to the dock to look at the wildlife!

quilt pattern for baby boy

Sewing Techniques in the Sail Quilt Pattern

The Sail Quilt pattern is SUPER easy. It’s ideal for a beginner looking to make their first quilt, or someone wanting to learn how to make Half Square Triangle quilt blocks. The sewing techniques within the pattern will teach you 2 different methods you can use to make Half Square Triangles.

Learning the two techniques is great for someone wanting to build their quilting skills, and find which methods you like to use best! I personally prefer to use the Magic 8 HST method on most occasions, but will use the 2-at-a-time method when making larger HSTs so the fabric pieces are more manageable while stitching and sewing.

The Sail Quilt pattern also include alternate instructions for using a die cut machine such as an AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter. I personally use my AccuQuilt as often as I can and find it cuts down on so much time! Learn more about AccuQuilt here.

quilt pattern for baby boy

More Inspiration to make your own Sail Quilt

I’ve personally made a few different variations of the Sail quilt. It’s such a fast & easy quilt pattern that I really enjoy! You can learn more about the pattern itself here, or about specific quilts in these articles:

sail baby quilt pattern for boy

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