Vintage Lace Quilt made with AccuQuilt Go!

AccuQuilt Vintage Lace Quilt

Ever since Lo & Behold Stitchery released her Vintage Lace Quilt Pattern I have had my eye on it! I love the delicate, modern vibes and all the negative space in it, and I knew it would be the perfect quilt to do with solids. I had a busy summer but am thrilled I finally got around to making this gorgeous quilt!

To make things easy and speed up the process, I decided to cut out all my pieces with my AccuQuilt Go! Cutting System. If you’re not yet familiar with AccuQuilt, let me tell you about it! To be honest with you, at first I was pretty skeptical! The space in my sewing room is limited and I knew I did not want just another expensive toy to take up space. Turns out, this fabric cutting machine has totally revolutionized the way I look at quilting. I can easily and quickly cut out pieces for large quilts without putting strain on my shoulders and wrists the way traditional rotary cutting would. (I have Arthritis so pain-free is a total win!!) Not only is using the AccuQuilt quick, easy, and painless, but it’s way more precise too! Click here if you want to read more about my AccuQuilt and click here to see the first project that I made with it!

To learn the basic steps of how to convert designer quilt patterns into AccuQuilt patterns, read about how I did it in my Indian Summer Quilt here! This tutorial will walk you through the process of converting designer patterns and make them AccuQuilt-friendy!

AccuQuilt Vintage Lace Quilt

Luckily for me, the shapes I needed are almost all included in the 12″ Qube so I didn’t need to buy any additional dies to make this work! Be sure to pay attention to the size of the quilt you are making and the block sizes needed for yours! If you’ll be making the throw size, the 12″ Qube will work for you!

AccuQuilt Vintage Lace Quilt

When planning this quilt I knew I wanted tropical vibes and colors that pop! I made it as a wedding gift for my friend, so I looked through her registry to find out the general style of some of the other items she wanted. I decided to use solids from @pbsfabrics which you can purchase for a great price through Pineapple Fabrics. The colors I chose to use on mine are as follows:

The Vintage Lace quilt is mostly comprised of Half Square Triangle quilt blocks which can be a little tricky since it involves sewing on the bias. To learn all my tips for making perfect Half Square Triangles with AccuQuilt, read this article.

For the backing of quilt I chose to let out my wild side a bit. I found this amazing plush blanket and decided that even though it’ll be way trickier to use than quilting cotton, I just had to try it out!

AccuQuilt Vintage Lace Quilt

If you’ve never quilted with plush or minky fabric before, here is a little warning: it’s no joke! You’ve gotta be prepared for fuzz everywhere, constant shifting and moving, you always have to be on guard for puckers, and there is a good chance you will end up with a very heavy quilt! I used a long arm to do the quilting on it since I knew that would be the most sure-fire way to manage this beast. I think it turned out amazing and I will definitely do this again!

I decided to quilt it with a Baptist Fans motif with a long arm (@janejustsew helped me out a ton!) and I sewed on the binding by machine (the backing was so fluffy that sewing binding on by hand really was not even an option!)

The last step in making this quilt come together was the label! If you want to know all about my philosophy for quilt labels check out this blog post.

AccuQuilt Vintage Lace Quilt
Cut Time, Quilt More

Since his quilt was a wedding gift for a dear family friend, of course it needed a custom label to truly make it unique & memorable! I kept the label short and simple by including their new married name, the wedding date, and one of my favorite bible verses! Every stitch of this quilt was sewn with prayers for a long happy future for these two love birds!

AccuQuilt Vintage Lace Quilt

Now that you know all the secrets that went into making my Vintage Lace Quilt, I hope you’ll be inspired to make your own or maybe even just try out some of my techniques mentioned here! Find me on Instagram (@homeadeemilyjane) and tell me what you’re working on!

AccuQuilt Vintage Lace Quilt

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