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Paradigm Quilted Tote Bag Tutorial (Free Sewing Tutorial)

If you’ve ever wanted to turn a mini quilt into a tote bag, this easy & free quilted tote bag tutorial is for you! I recently made 2 Pillow-size Paradigm mini quilts and stitched them together into this cute & functional bag. A tote bag like the one in this tutorial is perfect for summer trips to the pool or beach. Or, you can use it as a cute way to bring your groceries home from the store!

This free Quilted Tote Bag Tutorial is perfect for sewists of any skill level, and particularly great for a beginner quilter who wants to start off with a smaller project to learn new techniques! I particularly enjoy how great it is as a way to use up scraps for the piecing of the quilt block too!

Free Quilted Tote Bag Tutorial

Watch this free quilted tote bag video tutorial, or scroll down below to see the instructions written out!

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