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How to Make Scrappy DIY Fabric Coasters

Got fabric scraps? Learn how to make fabric coasters as a set of 4!

As a long time quilter, fabric scraps are in no shortage in my house. Fabric coasters are one of my favorite scrappy projects to make. Making quilted fabric coasters is super fun, pretty easy, and fabric coasters make amazing gifts too.

This DIY fabric coaster tutorial will show you the step-by-step process for making 4 coasters using wonky improv quilting techniques with scraps from your fabric stash.

Are you ready to make DIY Coasters with Fabric? Making quilted fabric coasters is fairly simple. Learn how to sew coasters in this video quilting tutorial:

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7 Scrappy Sewing Projects

Scrappy Quilt Pattern, ways to use up fabric scraps, reduce waste while quilting

If you consider yourself a quilter or a sewist, it’s very likely you have more than a few scraps of fabric laying around somewhere! This blog post is meant to inspire you to use up some of those fabric scraps by sharing 7 different scrappy sewing projects to try!

When it comes down to deciding to save fabric scraps or throw them out, my personal opinion to answer the age-old debate of “how small is too small to keep” is whether or not you can and will use it in a scrappy sewing project! Luckily some of these scrap-friendly projects use pieces as small as 1″ wide (and some use larger pieces too). I personally consider pretty much any fabric piece that is less than a Fat Quarter small enough to be deemed a “scrap”. To see how I organize my fabric, you may want to check out this post.

If you want to see all 7 of these fabric scrap project ideas in a quick video, watch it here:

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