Strawberry Sunrise Bonanza Quilt

Have you gotten a bit bored with traditional Half Square Triangle quilt blocks? Do you want to try a different kind of Triangle in your next quilt? This pink, orange, and gold Bonanza design creates a bold, modern quilt that is surprisingly fast to make! The Bonanza Quilt Pattern features fun, modern Triangle in a Square quilt blocks which really shine in these fun fabrics.

Designing the Strawberry Sunrise Modern Triangle Quilt

Once I had the basic design shell of this pattern built out, I love to play around with colors and placement.

After a lot of playing around, I thought these pinks and orange colors had a fun glow-like effect and definitely took advantage of the opportunity to use a non-white background fabric! (It’s Pale Pink!) The fabrics I selected are all PBS Fabrics Painter’s Palette Solids.

If you want to play around with color placement for your own Bonanza Quilt, be sure to download the free coloring sheet. I love to use the ReColor app for an easy way to color it digitally. If you love my strawberry sunrise quilt, you can grab the exact fabrics I used as a quilt kit!

Quilt Kits for Sale

If you love these fun, pink & orange solid fabrics, you’re in luck! For a limited time, I have them available in my shop! Grab yourself a Bonanza Quilt Kit to make a quilt just like mine! The fabrics are all solid Painter’s Palette solids from PBS, which is one of my favorite fabric brands for quilting cotton.

The Bonanza Quilt kit includes all the fabric you need to make the quilt top and binding. It also includes a paper copy of the Bonanza Quilt Pattern!

Bonanza Quilt Tips & Tricks

While the Bonanza pattern does include triangle templates for the Tri Rec quilt blocks, I do really recommend using Rulers to help. I have some available in my shop here that will work to make this throw size Bonanza Quilt. Alternatively, you might consider getting larger rulers if you plan to make the bed size.

When you get ready to cut your triangle pieces, pay close attention to the grain of fabric. For the best results, you’ll want the base of each triangle to be straight on grain. Find more tips and tricks for making the Triangle in a Square Quilt Blocks in my full tutorial. OR, check out this tutorial if you plan to use an AccuQuilt machine to cut out your pieces.

My Favorite Quilting Tools for the Bonanza Quilt

For any quilt, I always recommend using Best Press. Best Press or an alternative to spray starch is helpful to keep your fabric from stretching while you are sewing or pressing. For best results, apply your starch to your fabric prior to pressing & cutting.

I definitely recommend using either rulers or AccuQuilt to cut out your triangle pieces. The Triangle in a Square rulers I recommend for making the crib or throw size are in my shop here, or you can get larger rulers for the Bed size.

Alternatively, if you enjoy using AccuQuilt like I do, you can use AccuQuilt to cut out the pieces if you are making the Throw size quilt.

90% Faster Than Rotary Cutters

Quilting on this Bonanza Quilt

My amazing mother did the long arm quilting on this quilt of mine! We chose a thread to blend in with the backing that adds a little extra contrast on the front! The quitling design is a simple figure 8 and I really love how it turned out.

Backing Fabric

The Backing fabric is not included in the quilt kit, but if you love the fabric I used, you can get it from Connecting Threads. I chose this faux linen fabric to blend together with the colors on the front. It’s a great fabric that goes with the quilt top just perfectly!

More Bonanza Quilt Inspiration

If you want to check out some of the other Bonanza quilts my pattern testers have made, check out this blog post. Or, go check out the #BonanzaQuilt hashtag on Instagram!

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