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Sprightly Quilt Pattern: a Modern Block-based Quilt Pattern

The Sprightly Quilt Pattern is a modern block-based quilt pattern featuring some traditional shapes. If you enjoy classic quilt piecing paired with a modern twist, the Sprightly quilt pattern is perfect for you! To celebrate the launch of the Sprightly pattern, you can get any pattern in my shop for 20% off through March 1st.

See more about the Sprightly Quilt in this quick video:

This article contains affiliate links to some of my favorite quilting tools; the affiliate links allow me to make a small commission on purchases made after clicking on the links, but does not alter the shopping experience for you!

Sprightly Quilt Pattern Sizes

The Sprightly quilt pattern includes 4 complete sizes! The smallest size is Baby size which includes 4 blocks. The pattern also includes Throw size, Twin size, and Queen size too!

  • Baby Size: 40″ x 40″
  • Throw Size: 56″ x 72″
  • Twin Size: 72″ x 88″
  • Queen Size: 88″ x 88″

If you want to make a quilt similar to the Sprightly quilt pattern but using just one block, you might consider checking out the Paradigm Quilt Pattern.

Techniques in the Sprightly Quilt Pattern

The sprightly pattern includes comprehensive step-by-step instructions filled with lots of diagrams too, but in addition to the instructions in the pattern, you can also find video tutorials that I’ve made for you to ensure success while making your Sprightly quilt.

One main component in the Sprightly quilt pattern design is a Flying Geese unit. The modern flying geese quilt uses quite a few Flying Geese, and I make them using the 4-at-a-time no waste method. You can learn more about How to make Flying Geese.

Another main part of the Sprightly quilt blocks are the center Economy Block. Economy quilt blocks have been around for over a hundred years and were quite popular in the 1930s. I personally really enjoy making them! They are really satisfying to see when the points match up just perfectly. Learn more about the Economy Quilt Block.

Favorite Tools for Making a Sprightly Quilt

Since this pattern includes quite a few Flying Geese, I can’t help but talk about my favorite quilting ruler for trimming flying geese! If you’re making your Flying Geese using the 4-at-a-time method, you really might consider investing in a special Flying Geese ruler. My top favorite is the Wing Clipper Ruler by Deb Tucker.

In addition to the special Flying Geese ruler, I also recommend a large square ruler at least 8.5″. I personally get a lot of use out of my 12.5″ square ruler for making most quilt patterns.

Additionally, Best Press is a product I use on nearly quilt. Best Press or an alternate spray starch is especially important for quilts like Sprightly that involve sewing on the bias.

Using AccuQuilt for Making a Sprightly Quilt

Whenever possible, I love to use a die cutting machine such as AccuQuilt to cut out the pieces for my quilts. Using AccuQuilt often means much more accurate pieces & it’s a lot quicker too! I’m really pleased to say that the entire Sprightly Quilt design is AccuQuilt-friendly and I’ve included alternate cutting instructions within the pattern to accommodate for AccuQuilt users. It tells you exactly which dies you will need to use (And luckily most of them are very common dies. You might already have them if you use AccuQuilt!)

If you aren’t too familiar with AccuQuilt but want to learn more, this article all about AccuQuilt will help you get started!

Sprightly Quilt Variations

I had a few wonderful quilt pattern testers for the Sprightly quilt and I’m so excited to show you their versions!

First off, check out this beautiful scrappy pink quilt by Laura of @sharingseams. Laura decided to make the throw size but skipped the borders, turning it into a large crib size quilt to donate to a local hospital for a baby in the NICU. Thanks Laura for all you do to share your quilting talents & keep babies wrapped in love and warmth!

Sprightly quilt by Laura from sharingseams, throw size quilt turned into pink crib quilt

Next up, check out how lovely this baby size Sprightly Quilt turned out with this dark green background fabric. Elena from @lifeandpeacequiltco made this stunning quilt and I love how it turned out! And the snowy pictures!! now thats something I wouldn’t get here in FL!

Baby size sprightly quilt pattern with dark green background fabric
Sprightly quilt pattern single quilt block

I was so thrilled to see this scrappy version by Stephanie from @octoberinthewild. This shows how fun this pattern can be if you use your scraps in your stash!

Quilt Kits

My friends at Rosie Girl Quilting are putting together a quilt kit for the Sprightly quilt pattern! Make your very own quilt just like the one on the cover of the pattern! Grab your quilt kit fabric bundles on the Rosie Girl Quilting website.

Additional Versions of the Sprightly Quilt

I’ve personally made a few different Sprightly quilts, and will include more details about each of them up on my blog. Check them out at the links below as they get posted:

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