New Modern Solids Paradigm Quilt

Let me tell you about the new modern quilt pattern for beginners – the throw size Paradigm Quilt! I made this modern quilt for the cover of the Paradigm quilt pattern.

First off, the design of the Paradigm quilt pattern is a single-block quilt – scaled up or down for each size. The new modern quilt pattern includes 3 sizes: pillow, baby, and throw. You can get the quilt pattern in my shop as a PDF Download or printed paper booklet version.

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Throw size paradigm quilt by homemade emily jane, large single block quilt pattern featuring flying geese and economy quilt block

Fabrics used in this Paradigm Quilt

I used quilting cotton fabrics in this modern quilt! The color palette was hand selected to provide a fun, trendy vibe to this bold quilt pattern! I used solid quilting cotton from Connecting Threads for all the fabrics on the quilt top, and backed the quilt with chambray wide back from Connecting Threads as well!

Here are links to all the farbics I used for the throw size Paradigm Quilt:

Additionally, the binding on this throw size Paradigm quilt is Provincial Blue, to match the outer Flying Geese quilt blocks within the pattern.

Quilting this New Modern Quilt Pattern

One of my favorite things about the Paradigm Quilt Pattern is how wonderful it is to use for large scale prints in fabric, or for showing off really fun & unique quilting designs!

This throw size quilt was quilted on a long arm by my amazing mom @janejustsew! We decided to use the edge to edge quilting design “Knit 1 Purl 2” by Urban Elementz.

I love how the stitches of the quilting comes together to really shine within each block and within the background of the quilt as well! It’s a bit less dense than many computerized quilting designs, and I personally love that about it! I find that less dense quilting makes for a more cozy quilt!

Modern geometric quilt pattern by Homemade Emily Jane, the paradigm quilt pattern features large flying geese quilt blocks and is a great way to show off quilting designs

Quick and Easy Throw Size Quilt

Another of my favorite things about the Paradigm quilt pattern is how fast it is to make! The quick and easy quilt pattern is one of the fastest throw size quilts I have ever made. The fast nature of the paradigm quilt pattern is mostly due to the large blocks and efficient piecing process in the pattern itself. Therefore, whether you are making a pillow quilt, baby quilt, or throw size quilt it will be quick and easy!

modern single block quilt pattern paradigm by homemade emily jane, throw size quilt with big block, fast and easy modern quilt pattern

Modern Quilt Pattern Sizes

As I’ve mentioned before, the Paradigm quilt pattern includes 3 sizes: Pillow, Baby, and Throw size! I’ve seen the pillow size turned into wall hanging quilts for home decor and also other items such as a tote bag too! The dimensions for each size are as follows:

  • Pillow: 20″ x 20″
  • Baby: 40″ x 40″
  • Throw: 72″ x 72″

Flying Geese Quilt Pattern

Something about the Paradigm quilt pattern that I love is how it features traditional quilt block shapes like the flying geese and economy quilt block. But the unique thing is how the quilt block components are each laid out in this new modern quilt pattern design! The Paradigm quilt pattern features the 4-at-a-time Flying Geese method which makes it fast and no-waste!

Favorite Quilting Tools & Notions

As someone who has been quilting for many years, I’ve also collected quite a few quilting notions along the way! But, I’ll also be the first to say you really do not need all the cool new gadgets to successfully make a quilt! I’d love to share with you some of my favorite tools specifically for making this modern quilt pattern in throw size.

First off, you’ll want as large a cutting mat as you have space for! Since the pieces are large, a large cutting space is a necessity!

Secondly, you will also want some nice large quilting rulers too! I recommend a 8.5″ x 24″ ruler as well as a large square ruler too!

Third, Best Press is one of my most essential tools for quilting! Especially on this large scale quilt pattern! The paradigm quilt pattern requires sewing on the bias for many of the seams within the flying geese and economy quilt block. Sewing along the bias tends to make the fabric stretch if you aren’t extraordinarily careful. Using Best Press or another spray starch before cutting your fabrics will minimize the stretch and make for more precise and accurate piecing for your quilt top!

modern flying geese quilt pattern, the paradigm quilt pattern by homemade emily jane

Modern Quilt Pattern for Beginners

I hope you enjoyed learning about this modern quilt pattern for beginners. Whenever I release a new quilt pattern, I try to make as many of the different sizes as possible. But, throw size and baby size quilts tend to be my personal favorites to make.

More Paradigm Quilt Pattern Inspiration

I’d like to invite you to learn more about the Paradigm quilt pattern. Or, you can take a peek at some of these other variations that I have up on my blog:

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