The Best Sewing Machine Accessories for Quilting

When it comes to machine quilting, sewing machine accessories can be a lot of fun and really help the process! In this article I’ll share some of my favorite sewing machine accessories that I use for making quilts. These sewing machine accessories are some of my favorite quilting notions. They make each step of the quilting process easier when machine quilting. So, buckle up and get ready to add some of these to your quilters wish list!

Check out my favorite sewing machine accessories in this quick video, or keep scrolling to read all the details!

This article contains affiliate links to some of my favorite quilting tools; the affiliate links allow me to make a small commission on purchases made after clicking on the links, but does not alter the shopping experience for you!

Sewing Machine Accessories for Patchwork

Quarter inch foot

One of my favorite tools for getting a perfect patchwork seam is using a sewing machine accessory foot. A 1/4″ foot is made specifically for patchwork and piecing quilt blocks. The quarter-inch foot will undoubtedly become one of your favorites to use when you want to sew a quick & easy quarter inch seam allowance.

favorite sewing machine accessories for quilting - quarter inch foot

Quilting Needles (in the right sizes)

Using the right sewing machine needles for your specific project can help you succeed in whatever you are making. When sewing medium weight woven fabrics together such as quilting cotton, I like to use size 70 or 75 needles for piecing and patchwork. I’ll use size 75 or 80 for quilting multiple layers together. I highly recommend grabbing a bunch of size 75 sewing machine needles to keep on hand!

best sewing machine accessories for quilting - size 75 quilting needles

Multi Function Foot Control

Depending on your sewing machine manufacturer, you might have an option for a multi-function foot control. Or, possibly a knee-lift attachment might be a good substitute. The key draw of a multi-function foot control is that you can control more than just your sewing speed using your foot. The multi-function foot control offers 3 customizable options which you can program to operate up to 5 different functions. Personally, I find thread cut, reverse, and tie off as my 3 favorite functions to use the foot for.

When you’re able to control the majority of your sewing functions using your foot, it keeps your hands free to hold your project in place!

Quilting Sewing Machine Accessories

Walking Foot with Guide bar

One of my all time favorite tools for straight line quilting is a walking foot. A walking foot is even more helpful if is has an adjustable guide bar. A walking foot or dual-feed foot has feet that pull fabric through the machine from the top layer, matching with the feed dogs on the sewing machine. The walking foot makes sewing multiple layers of fabric much easier & less likely to pucker.

favorite sewing machine accessories for quilting - walking foot with guide bar

Extension Table

Many quilters enjoy the luxury of a special sewing table that they can drop their machine into. The drop-in space ends up putting their machine on the same level as the table. They’re neat but personally I’d rather just use an extension table to bring the table up to the machine. An extension table attachment for your sewing machine makes quilting the layers of a quilt together much easier and provides a nice flat area for moving the quilt around.

one of my favorite quilting accessories for my sewing machine is my extension table - an extension table provides extra flat space to the left of the needle to make quilting larger projects easy

Quilting Gloves

Having a little extra grip while quilting is a huge help, and I definitely cannot recommend quilting gloves enough! I personally use Machinger’s quilting gloves, but you can get a similar outcome with other options. Any other gloves that provide a little grip will do! I’ve even met quilters who use gardening gloves as their quilting gloves (clean ones, of course!)

my secret tool for quilting on my home machine: quilting gloves! quilting gloves provide extra grip to make it easy to feed the quilt through the machine

Where to Buy Sewing Machine Accessories

If you like any of these sewing machine accessories I’ve shared here, let me help you find where to get them! The first, most important thing is that different sewing machine manufacturers might have variations in the sewing machine accessories that they offer. If you purchased your machine from a quilt shop or sewing machine dealer, check with them to see if they can help you with ordering accessories.

I personally use a HUSQVARNA VIKING. If you do too, you can speak with your local dealer to discuss ordering the sewing machine accessories for your particular model.

Many common sewing machines can also use “universal” style accessories made by third party companies. Typically these are lower quality. I’ve found them kind of ‘hit or miss’ when it comes to how well they work with any particular sewing machine. You can find many universal style sewing machine accessories in big box sewing stores or online through amazon.

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