Sewing with a Baby: How to Find Time for Quilting Projects as a Mom

If you are looking for Sewing Tips for New Moms or how to balance motherhood and creativity, you’ve come to the right place! I had my first baby this year! I’ve learned a lot of from my experience as well as some more seasoned mom friends who also enjoy sewing and crafting! I want to share with you a few things that I found particularly helpful making my own transition into motherhood.

I’ll started off by saying that becoming a new mom is an incredibly rewarding experience! However, it can also be challenging to find time for personal hobbies and passions. I would love to share some of what is working for me to keep up with creative hobbies like sewing, quilting, and knitting while also keeping my little bundle of joy cared for and happy!

Are you a sewing enthusiast like me who wishes to continue your creative journey while caring for your little one? This is for you. In this article I will share valuable tips to help new moms balance the joys of motherhood with their love for sewing. Additionally, I’ll explore some key baby products that have helped me make this transition as smooth as possible.

Embrace Nap Time for Mom’s Creative Solitude

“They” say to sleep when the baby sleeps, but once you have a decent routine I recommend doing anything that fills your cup. Maybe you will get some chores done because a clean home makes you feel good. Or, maybe you are like me and you would rather use nap time as a time for sewing! (Nap time or after bed time

As a new mom, nap time can become your haven for indulging in sewing. When your baby dozes off, quickly assess what you can accomplish within that timeframe and plan accordingly. Focus on smaller, manageable projects and complete them in shorter bursts of time. By maximizing these precious moments, you’ll make significant progress on your sewing projects.

A new mom's guide to carving out time for sewing and crafting while taking care of baby

Product Highlight: Bebcare Motion Digital Video Baby Monitor

I’ve been using the Bebcare Motion Digital Video Baby Monitor to keep an eye on the baby while also immersing myself in sewing and quilting projects.

I love the Bebcare Motion Digital Video Baby Monitor because the screen is separate from my phone, which means I can keep the display up right in front of me while I work away happily on my sewing projects without draining my phone battery! Having the separate device means I can also hand off the baby monitor to my husband or other caregivers easily when we have some help.

Using a baby monitor to help as a new mom

The main reason I decided on the Bebcare baby monitor brand is that they’re the first ever low-emission baby monitor option! If you are concerned about EMFs and want a video monitor without sacrificing safety, this is the best choice. It is an investment, but absolutely worth it for the added safety, security, and peace of mind it provides.

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sewing as a new mom

Create a Dedicated Sewing Space

Setting aside a specific area in your home as your sewing corner can make a world of difference to incorporate sewing as a new mom. Even if you don’t have a ton of room, just having a small area to keep your sewing stuff out will make it much more accessible for squeezing in creativity into small segments of time as they become available! Organize your materials, tools, and fabrics within arm’s reach, allowing you to seamlessly transition between caregiving and sewing.

Bonus: create a baby-friendly space within view of your sewing area!

keep baby occupied with fun toys so mom can have some time to sew, quilt, and craft

Establish a Routine that Works for YOU

My next tip for embracing your creativity as a new mom is to create a loose schedule that accommodates your baby’s needs and allows for pockets of time dedicated to your creative projects.

Maintaining a routine can help create a sense of order and stability for both you and your little one. Try to establish a predictable schedule that incorporates specific periods for sewing. Babies thrive on consistency, so it’s helpful for them to become accustomed to a structured routine.

As baby gets older, a routine helps your little one become more likely to settle into independent playtime while you engage in your sewing projects.

Utilize Babywearing or a Swing/Bouncer

Consider using a baby carrier to keep your baby close while you sew. This allows me to engage with my little one while still being hands-free to work on crafting projects. I love the feeling of having him close while also still being able to sew, quilt, and do other crafting!

Baby wearing can help keep baby close while a mom learns to sew

Product Highlight: Baby Wrap or Carrier

I personally love using a couple different baby carriers depending on what I’m doing. I chose this stretchy baby carrier to wear my little one while wanting to do tasks that might require more sitting, or a structured carrier while walking, standing, or moving around! Baby wearing works not only for sewing but also for household chores too and gives your arms a break while keeping baby super close!

Product Highlight: Baby Bouncer

Using a bouncer has been a very fun way to keep my baby close while sewing. I can easily bounce him with my foot in between sewing seams while making a quilt! And I love how I can talk to him and engage with him too! It’s so fun!

Set realistic expectations for sewing as a new mom

Finally, it’s important to set realistic expectations for yourself in this new season. As a go-getter who is always working towards the next project it can be hard for me to slow down. I’m sure I am not alone! Setting realistic expectations, giving myself the time to rest, and embracing a slower pace has been so essential for success in making the transition into motherhood!

Understand that your sewing time will likely be limited during the early months. Embrace the idea of smaller, achievable projects that can be completed in short increments of time.

Learn how this new mom incorporates sewing and crafting into her life with a baby

Along the lines of realistic expectations for yourself and for baby, you may consider choosing sewing techniques that are easy to pick up. Look for a simple project that does not require elaborate setups. Or maybe smaller baby-centric projects that are quick and easy! Being a new mom takes up lots of mental energy already, so keeping the crafting and sewing projects simple makes them much more manageable and keeps it fun!

I recommend exploring patterns and tutorials that focus on quick and straightforward methods, rather than trying to learn a bunch of new complex things. This way, you can achieve satisfying results without getting overwhelmed while sewing as a new mom. The mental work of motherhood is just as draining as the physical work! Let your brain take a break and really just enjoy the time that you do have to work on sewing and quilting projects.

Here are a few of my personal favorite Quick and Easy Quilt Patterns you should check out!

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