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Seam Ripper Comparison

A seam ripper is an essential staple for a sewist or quilter at any skill level. Maybe you’ve wondered the proper way to use a seam ripper, or maybe you’ve seen some different options for types of seam rippers. Well today is your lucky day because in this post I’ll share with you 3 main types of seam rippers along with how to use each one.

The way I use a seam ripper often differs depending on how the seam is pressed. For this tutorial, I’ve included examples of how to use each seam ripper with a seam pressed open or when the seam is pressed flat to one side.

Watch the video to see each one in action!

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Classic Style

I’ll start off by sharing with you the most common style of seam ripper. This type features a sharp point, a protected knife blade, and a red ball. You can probably find one like this laying around your sewing space.

simple seam ripper, classic style seam ripper, how to use a seam ripper

While the style is super common, not all are the same! I definitely recommend finding one that works best for you! Many have ergonomic grips and some even retract the sharp part for safety — which is great if you have young children snooping through your toys!

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Scalpel Seam Ripper

Out of all the seam rippers I’ve ever had – this scalpel style is hands down my very FAVORITE. It took a little bit of time for me to get used to using it properly but now that I’ve found a good method it literally is so quick!

quick ripper, electric seam ripper, battery powered seam ripper

Electric Rippers

The electric seam ripper is definitely the coolest option out there! It’s super easy to use and pretty quick too. The downside of this for me is that it uses a battery and is a bit loud (I did lower the volume of the ripper in the video because it annoyed me)

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