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How to Make Scrappy Fabric Coasters

Got fabric scraps? Learn how to make fabric coasters as a set of 4!

As a long time quilter, fabric scraps are in no shortage in my house. Fabric coasters are one of my favorite scrappy projects to make. They are super fun, pretty easy, and make amazing gifts too.

How to Make 4 Scrappy Fabric Coasters

Making fabric coasters is fairly simple. First, let’s gather the supplies. To follow this tutorial, you’ll want to pick out scraps that are at least 10″ long and around 2″ wide. Longer is always better to have a bit more wiggle room later on.


Quilting essentials, basic tools for quilting, rotary cutter, thread, quilting ruler

Making the Panel

Before you start sewing your scraps together, trim them into wonky strips. (If you want more of a visual for how to cut them, see the wonky strips in action in the YouTube video above.) The goal is for the strips to have varying widths and be skinnier at one end than they are at the other.

Sew your wonky strips together using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Continue adding strips until you have a panel that is at least 10″ long and 10″ wide. Square up the panel and cut into 4 – 5″ squares.

Constructing the Coasters

Each coaster will have one later of batting, one layer of backing, and one pieced top. Layer them in this order: batting, backing (right side up), and then pieced panel (right side down). Pin in place at all 4 corners. Sew around all 4 edges, leaving a 2″ opening on one side.

Extra Tip: It is not recommended to leave your opening on the side that has raw seams. (unlike the photo shown below) If you make the mistake I made here, your seams will start to come undone when you turn it, trust me on this.

Trim the excess off the corners, and turn the piece right-side-out through the opening. Use a sharp tool to push out the corners – but not too sharp as to not damage the fabric. Press flat.

Starting where the opening is, sew all the way around the edges of the coaster. Backstitch or stitch in place to tack down the threads.

If you enjoyed this wonky improv sewing project, check out my Improv Quilting Pinterest Board for lots more fun! Save your favorite projects on Pinterest so you can find them again later!

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