Rainbow Baby Bonanza Quilt

A new modern geometric quilt pattern is available and perfect for making a baby quilt! The Bonanza quilt pattern is a fun modern quilt pattern featuring Triangle in a Square quilt blocks. If you like a bold modern geometric quilt pattern, then Bonanza is for you!

Bold baby quilts are super popular right now for modern nursery decor and also a very practical item for any new mom! Grab the Bonanza quilt pattern to make a modern geometric baby quilt like this one!

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Fabrics Used in this Modern Baby Quilt

This modern triangle quilt pattern was made using Riley Blake Designs Confetti Cottons fabrics. They are amazing quilting cotton fabrics and the perfect combination for a rainbow baby quilt!

I had a fun time playing with colors for this quilt, and ultimately picked out a muted rainbow palette for this crib size quilt.

This rainbow quilt is inspired by rainbow babies. Do you know the term “rainbow baby”?

A rainbow baby is a term used to describe a healthy baby born after a loss, such as miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss. Other times, rainbow babies can also be babies that are adopted as well, I believe after struggling with infertility. They are a sign of HOPE and joy for the future — a literal rainbow after a storm. I made this quilt to be a gift to friends when they eventually get to bring home their own rainbow baby.

Rainbow Baby Quilt Kits

After choosing these fabrics, I simply knew I had to add them as a fabric bundle in my shop. You can get the quilt kit to make your own Rainbow Baby Bonanza Quilt.

The colors in my quilt are Coral, Marmalade, Beehive, Pear, Caribbean, and Sky. You can choose which color binding you want for your quilt from the colors on the quilt top.

The Quilt Kit includes fabric for the top, the binding, and a printed version of the Bonanza quilt pattern.

Quilt Batting and Basting Details

This modern geometric baby quilt was backed with Shannon Fabrics Cuddle – one of my favorite fabrics for quitl backings (especially for baby quilts!)

I often get asked what kind of batting I use with minky or if I even use quilt batting at all. I do prefer to use batting, but a thin lightweight batting is perfect (especially because I live in a warm climate!) My quilt batting of choice is Quilter’s Dream Bamboo batting which is a bamboo blend and has amazing drape. You can learn more about different types of quilt batting in this article.

Backing your Bonanza quilt with minky fabric can have really amazing results but it can also be a bit more tricky than backing a quilt with normal woven cotton fabric. You can see all my tips and techniques about backing a quilt with minky over on this post. The most important tip I have is to use spray adhesive to baste the quilt. I love spray basting because it keeps the fabric from sliding, stretching and creating puckers while you are stitching the quilting.

Quilting this Modern Geometric Quilt

One of my go-to quilting designs is straight lines with a walking foot. Straight line quilting is simple, easy, and therapeutic too!

I prefer quilting straight lines especially on the Bonanza quilt, because I think it really lets the quilt pattern design shine through! I decided to echo the angles of one of the triangles and go from there.

When I quilt with straight lines, I always use a walking foot and mark the lines before sewing the stitches. I also like to use a nice cotton thread in a neutral color like Connecting Threads 50 wt in colors such as cream, parchment, silver, or white.

I have this other article & video quilting tutorial you might enjoy: 3 Quilting Hacks for Sewing Straight Lines

Quilt Binding with Minky Backing

If you want to back your quilt with Cuddle fabric, you’re in for a treat! Baby quilts backed with Minky are just soooo cozy! But I’d like to warn you that the minky fabric adds a bit of extra thickness. Let’s discuss how that extra thickness might impact your quilt binding.

Binding a quilt is already one of the more tricky steps of making a quilt. In fact, I have a 3-part blog series (complete with videos too) all about quilt binding. Binding a quilt can be one of the hardest steps for many quilters, but the video tutorials I have make it much less scary!

If you are binding your quilt after backing it with minky, you’ll just want to keep in mind to make sure the binding folds all the way over the edge of the quilt. I find 2.5″ wide binding is perfect for a good amount of fold-over, and I prefer binding on machine when the quilt is backed with cuddle fabric, as it becomes much easier than hand stitching.

More inspiration for the Bonanza Quilt Pattern

I’d like to invite you to learn more about the Bonanza quilt pattern over in this article. Or, you can take a peek at some of these other variations that I have up on my blog:

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