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Do you want to join a fun & engaging online quilting community filled with quilting tutorials, prizes, and free quilt patterns? Now is the perfect chance to join me as I kick off the brand new Homemade Emily Jane Quilting Community on Patreon!!

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform used to house the membership. Artists and Makers in all different areas create Patreon communities to bring like-minded people together and offer exclusive access to their work. I’m super excited to utilize the Patreon platform for starting this fun and engaging online quilting community.

join the homemade emily jane online quilting community and access virtual quilting classes on patreon today

The Back Story

Since starting Homemade Emily Jane, I have hosted quite a few sew alongs, and they have progressively become more and more in-depth. I started creating weekly videos showing the steps for the Sew Along, and had posted these videos publicly on YouTube for anyone to watch and access. I received so much positive feedback about these videos. People told me how helpful they were and I continued using that positive encouragement to fuel even more high quality videos.

Most recently, I noticed that people started referring to my Sew Along as a “Class” and it made me wonder “Is this Sew Along really much different than a virtual quilting class?” Turns out, it’s not! I want to be able to continue providing high quality quilting videos for my patterns and love the fact that so many people are able to follow the videos and learn tons of new techniques and skills with my help!

As my sew alongs progressed, I found myself loving the community and camaraderie of it all just as much as I loved sharing my tips and expertise! I’m super excited to bring the community and the tutorials together into my Patreon group.

online quilting class library - full access when you join the quilting community on homemade emily jane patreon

What are the perks of joining the quilting community?

While Patreon accounts are often viewed as a way to support artists, and this definitely is a way to support me, I’m all about providing value to you! I really want you to love being in this Patreon group, and I hope these perks make it an easy decision for you to make.

Monthly Live Group Video Chat: Sip & Sew with me!

Once each month I will host a live Sip & Sew group chat via video conference (most likely Zoom). This is going to be a casual and fun time where we can talk all things quilty and creative, you can ask me questions, and we can meet more quilters in this community. The Sip and Sew will last 30 minutes and will likely be on a weeknight evening. Bring your beverage of choice and turn your cameras on so I can get to know you!! I’m so excited!

Prizes and Gifts

When you complete a quilt using any of my Homemade Emily Jane Quilt Patterns, you can share a photo with me to be entered to win prizes! Prizes will include thread, fabric, notions, merch, or anything else I think you might enjoy!

Free Homemade Emily Jane Quilt Patterns

After six consecutive months of Patreon membership, you will receive a free quilt pattern from my shop. This perk is for all levels of membership, so even if you start off as a VIP, you can downgrade your membership and still be eligible for the free pattern after six months.

Exclusive Voting Power (VIP only)

If you join the Patreon as a Quilty VIP you will get voting power for which quilt patterns to make together next. You’ll also get to help me make other decisions as they come up too! This is a really fun way for you to get involved and help me offer exactly what YOU want to see!

Exclusive Quilting Videos (VIP only)

If you’ve ever joined me for a Sew Along, you know I pour a ton of effort into making educational tutorial videos showing exactly how I complete each step of the quilt. I want to continue doing these videos, but they are a lot of work!

Becoming a Quilty VIP gives you access to previous Sew Along video classes and my future classes too! You’ll get access to the complete library of past sew alongs, which currently consists of 14 videos covering the Connector, Stratus, and Paradigm Quilts. These 14 videos make up over 3 and a half hours of quilting classes that you can watch on demand at your own pace!

We will be kicking off our next quilt class Sew Along in August, so be sure to join the Quilty VIP community today to vote for which quilt we make next!

How much does it cost?

I am starting off my Patreon platform with the choice between two different membership levels, which are called Tiers within the Patreon platform.

The “Quilty Community Member” tier is the one you will choose if you want to support me in my art and creativity. If you love my YouTube videos and tutorials, I would be so thrilled to have you support me by joining the community! You’ll see above there are still lots of great perks even at this starting level, including monthly Sip & Sew Chats which I am particularly looking forward to hosting. Joining as a Quilty Community Member is $6 USD per month, and can be cancelled or upgraded to VIP at any time.

The “Quilty VIP” tier is where you can get extra access to me and extra video tutorials! This is particularly helpful for beginner sewists who need a little extra help and tutorials. The exclusive access to previous sew along video content will be super beneficial for you if you are making any of those quilts. Joining as a Quilty VIP Member is $18 USD per month, and can be cancelled or downgraded to Community Member at any time.

When does my credit card get charged?

The Patreon platform will charge your card the day that you sign up to be a Patron, and then also on the 1st of the month every following month for the specific amount based on the Tier that you are in.

What Questions do you have?

Do you have any questions about this Patreon community or the perks listed above? Feel free to reach out to me directly to ask — I would love to chat more about it!

Are you Ready to Join the Quilting Community on Patreon?

If you’re interested in supporting me and joining this exclusive group of quilters, I’ll be so thrilled to welcome you! Head to Patreon now to sign up!

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