Quilt basics: What is a walking foot used for?

Did you catch my post last week about my favorite sewing machine feet? As a quilter there are a few that are just simply essential. Click here to read about all the sewing feet I couldn’t live without.

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I promised I’d tell you more about the Husqvarna WALKING FOOT that I love so much.


Some might call it an even-feed foot, and others know it as the dual feed foot, it’s important to know that they’re the same thing and it is an absolute life saver!

While this foot didn’t come with my machine (the Husqvarna Sapphire 965Q), it is SO worth the extra cost. I didn’t even know these babies existed until about a year ago, and my life has forever been changed for the better. (…and I had been quilting for 4 years WITHOUT one.)

Have you ever tried quilting with a minky backing? It can be so tricky but is 100x easier with a walking foot.

Have you ever had a hard time sewing multiple layers together? The walking foot is your sure-fire solution. (especially when it comes to sewing on bulky binding on a quilt)


Basically, how it works is that it replicates the feed dogs that are pulling the fabric through on the bottom, and pulls the top layer through simultaneously. The timing of it is perfectly matched up so that both the top and the bottom are squeezing all the layers of fabric and pulling them through with the same amount of force. It keeps the quilt from having the bottom layer pulled through and the top lagging behind. Absolutely genius!


Now it’s your turn — If you’ve used a walking foot before, what’s your favorite sewing  task does it help you with the most?

For more straight line quilting tips, check out this video:

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