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How to Make a Patchwork Christmas tree Ornament

Learn how to make a patchwork Christmas tree ornament with this simple tutorial! This version of a quilted ornament is actually super easy, and just involves some small piecing of your favorite quilt block!

You can read through the full tutorial or watch the video below:

Ornament Tutorial Materials

Before you begin, let’s gather some materials:

  • Scraps of your favorite fabrics – cut into 9 – 1.5″ squares
  • 1 fabric piece cut to 3.5″ square
  • 4″ piece of thin ribbon
  • Sewing Machine, or Needle & Thread

Pick a Block Pattern

This quilted ornament tutorial works best with a 3″ or 4″ quilt block, and you can choose to use any design you want! I show this tutorial using a 9-patch block that finishes at 3″, but you could also do English Paper Piecing if you enjoy small hand piecing projects! I’ve also toyed around with the idea of making a 4″ Sawtooth Star block, wouldn’t that be fun?!

See my English Paper Pieced ornament below and check out this blog post to learn more! I made it using my AccuQuilt cutting machine and EPP Die Bundle.

90% Faster Than Rotary Cutters

The following instructions are how I made the 3″ 9-patch block Christmas tree ornament.

Cut & Piece Your Mini Ornament Block

Lay out your pieces as desired into the layout of your choice. Using a scant 1/4″ seam, piece your ornament block into your desired design. Make 2 if you want it reversible front & back, or just make one block and cut out a piece of fabric that is the same size to use as the back.

Optional: sew a 1/8″ stitch around all edges of your pieced block, to hold the seams in place later on.

Constructing a Quilted Ornament

Layer the back of your ornament right side up, and then place your pieced quilt layer right side down on top. Pinch your ribbon in half, and maneuver it in between your front & back layers, with the edges of your ribbon towards the seam allowance. Pin in place, and baste in place if you choose.

Next, sew around all the edges at 1/4″, leaving a 2″ opening along one side. (preferably not the same side as where the ribbon is placed)

Trim the corners, being careful not to snip the threads.

Turn right-side out, and use a point-turner to get the corners crisp. Then press the opening under a 1/4″ and top stitch around all sides.

If you enjoyed this small scrappy holiday project, you might also enjoy making some Fabric scraps Christmas Cards!

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