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Paradigm: a Big Block Quilt Pattern for Beginners

The Paradigm quilt pattern is a modern, big block quilt pattern for beginners. It is designed to feature large simple patchwork pieces and is beginner-friendly. It uses traditional shapes such as Flying Geese and the Economy Quilt block in a fresh modern way! If you like modern geometric quilt patterns and a fast, fun quilt finish – this quilt pattern is for you!

This easy modern quilt pattern might be considered a skill builder, as it will teach you how to make 2 different main types of quilt blocks, and it provides helpful diagrams & instructions for every step of making the quilt top! This modern quilt pattern PDF is available as a digital download as well as a paper pattern.

Find out more about Paradigm by watching this video or read more below:

Paradigm Quilt Sizes

The single big block quilt pattern, Paradigm quilt pattern, includes 3 sizes, scaled from Wall Hanging/Pillow size to baby quilt size, to throw size! Here are the dimensions of each size:

  • Pillow: 20″ x 20″
  • Baby: 40″ x 40″
  • Throw: 72″ x 72″

Helpful Quilting Tutorials & Tools:

The Paradigm quilt pattern is modern geometric quilt pattern, featuring one giant modern quilt block. This single modern quilt block quilt is comprised of traditional patchwork quilting shapes such as squares and flying geese blocks. You can find tips for making the center Economy Block on this tutorial or for making the Flying Geese quilt blocks on this tutorial.

Throw size paradigm quilt by homemade emily jane, large single block quilt pattern featuring flying geese and economy quilt block

Free Quilting Tutorials for the Paradigm Quilt Pattern

I love making my modern quilt patterns easy to follow, so the pattern includes links to the tutorial videos, written instruction, and of course, lots of diagrams too! One of the greatest compliments I get from customers is that my quilt patterns provide clear instruction and that they are easy to follow.

If you want to see the free quilting tutorials, I have them here on my blog as well! Click here for the Economy Quilt Block tutorial, and click here for the Flying Geese Quilt Block tutorial.

Quilting baby quilt with a walking foot

Helpful Tools for the Paradigm Quilt Pattern

Since the Paradigm Quilt Pattern is a great modern quilt pattern for beginners, you really don’t need much more than the basic essential quilting supplies. If you are making the Pillow quilt size, a Wing Clipper ruler is nice but not entirely necessary. If you’re making the baby or throw sizes, I recommend getting a large ruler and/or cutting mat since each unit within the single block quilt pattern is rather large. I personally found my 9.5″ x 24″ ruler quite helpful for cutting the pieces for the Throw size quilt!

And of course, I always recommend using Best Press or another starch on your fabric prior to cutting. The starch keeps your fabric from stretching when you are sewing your quilt piecing stitches on the bias – which is essential for making this quilt pattern!

If you plan to quilt your quilt yourself, I highly recommend the book WALK by Jacquie Gering. She taught me so much about how to do fun designs on my own machine using a walking foot!

Fabric Requirements for the Paradigm Quilt Pattern

Paradigm Quilt Fabric Requirements

When it comes to fabric for quilting, I personally recommend quilting cotton. One thing you might want to keep in mind is that I do include a little bit of wiggle room in my fabric requirement calculations. One of my testers was able to make the Throw size using a 1/2 yard bundle. There is only about a 1/2″ of room for error on some of the cuts though, which is why the pattern shows that 5/8 yd is required for colors 3 & 4. If you do have a half yard bundle, it may work for the throw size – but be sure to measure them before you start and compare your measurements to the cutting instructions to see if you have enough fabric!

Different ways to make the Paradigm Quilt Pattern

I’ve made a few different variations of the paradigm quilt. It’s such a fast & easy quilt pattern that I really enjoy! I’ve written all about them in these articles:

easy modern baby quilt pattern, geometric quilt pattern by homemade emily jane, paradigm quilt pattern

Quilt Pattern Tester’s Paradigm Quilts

I wouldn’t be able to put together such a comprehensive and easy to follow quilt pattern without the help of some awesome quilt pattern testers! These people work through all the pattern quilt math and give me tips for making the instructions more clear. Take a look at their beautiful test quilts!

Stephanie from @octoberinthewild made modern quilted pillow (aka “quillow”) for her home decor!

Stephanie had so much fun making the pillow size, and realized how fast it was, so she made a Throw size as well! I adore the dark green background on this bold & beautiful quilt!

Ashley from @ashley_quilts also made a pillow size quilt, showing off how to use directional prints too on her version! Did I mention this quilt is really fun and only a little bit tricky when using directional prints?! Ashley decided to turn her pillow size quilt top into a tote bag! I am so impressed by her skill and creativity!

Rebecca from @rr.creates did this super fun modern quilt using green as the background fabric. I love how it turned out!

I love this brightly colored baby quilt by Laura from @sharingseams! She used some of my favorite shades and a lovely light grey background fabric!

And lastly, pattern tester Shalini @fuzzygnome made this gorgeous & classic throw size Paradigm quilt. Her warm & moody fabric selection makes me want a hot mug of tea & a good book to snuggle with on a crisp fall day!

I’d also love to give credit to my pattern editor: Katy from @lethargiclass helped me put the final polishes on the pattern too!

If you love the Paradigm quilt pattern and want to get it, click here!

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