Make a Modern Solids Throw Size Sail Quilt

You might recognize this modern throw size Sail quilt from the cover of the quilt pattern! This quilt is officially one of my favorites and really brings out the summer vibes!

I made this quilt with all solids fabrics using some pinks, golds, blues, and even some more neutral natural shades too. This throw size Sail quilt came together really quick because of the simplicity of the pattern and using my AccuQuilt fabric cutting machine. The pattern includes instructions for using both traditional methods of cutting or die cutting the fabric.

Sail Quilt Pattern for Beginners

The Sail pattern was designed specifically to be a great first quilt for a beginner. It features exclusively Half Square Triangles in 2 different sizes. Half square triangle quilt blocks were the first type of quilt block I ever learned to make – they are easy and fun! I designed this pattern to be easy enough for someone’s first quilt and fun enough for someone’s 100th quilt.

If you’re new to quilting, the Sail quilt pattern is a great skill builder pattern. It teaches two different techniques for making Half Square Triangle quilt blocks, so you can learn both and figure out which way is your favorite! I personally find that I enjoy making smaller HSTs using the 8-at-a-time method and making larger HSTs using the 2-at-a-time method.

Quilting Fabrics for this Quilt

The fabrics used in this throw size quilt are all PBS solids and you can actually grab a bundle from my friends at Rosie Girl Quilting!

If you want to find the fabric individually, here are the links to the fabrics I used on this quilt:

AccuQuilt Quilt Pattern

As mentioned earlier, I personally chose to use my AccuQuilt Fabric Cutting Machine to make my Sail throw size quilt, and the pattern includes instructions to make it either using traditional methods or by using a fabric cutting machine!

The neat thing about the Sail Pattern is that if you use a die cut machine like AccuQuilt, you can actually use Fat Quarters! (I made this baby quilt with Fat Quarters and my AccuQuilt machine to test it out.) If you use an AccuQuilt machine, you only need 2 specific dies to make this pattern – see the pattern for full instructions and more details on the alternate fabric requirements.

My Favorite Quilt Backing Fabric

As I often do, I chose to back this quilt with one of my go-to fabric options for quilt backs: a cotton sheet! I used a 300 ct. 100% cotton sheet to back this quilt and it turned out amazing! I find that any sheets that are 100% cotton will work beautifully as quilt backs, but the lower thread count ones are recommended. This one specifically is from Target.

Easy Modern Quilt Pattern

One of my goals with designing the Sail Quilt is that the pattern would be easy & simple enough for someone to use for their first quilt! The pattern walks through how to make the Half Square Triangle quilt blocks using two different methods – the easy 2-at-a-time method as well as the Magic 8 method. I also include links to complete quilting tutorial videos for both of these techniques, so beginners can make this quilt with confidence!

Quilting this Throw Size Sail Quilt

This modern throw size Sail quilt was long arm quilted by my mom and go-to longarmer! She always does an amazing job!

The long arm quilting design is a computerized design called Abbie Edge-to-edge 1 from My Creative Stitches. We chose to use a light grey Glide thread for the quilting so it would blend in with the fabrics on both the front and the back.

Quick & Easy Quilt for Beginners

The Sail quilt pattern is so quick & easy I ended up making a handful of Sail quilts and plan to make more in the future too! They’re fast, fun, and modern! I also love how easy it is to use fabric scraps for the Sail quilt – all you really need is a stack of 10″ squares!

More Inspiration to make your own Sail Quilt

I’ve personally made a few different variations of the Sail quilt. It’s such a fast & easy quilt pattern that I really enjoy! You can learn more about the pattern itself here, or about specific quilts in these articles:

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