Keepsake Memory Quilt

Welcome to an unforgettable journey in quilting with Homemade Emily Jane’s newest creation: the Keepsake Quilt Pattern. Designed with love and crafted with care, this quilt pattern offers more than just a traditional star quilt; it’s a canvas for capturing cherished memories.

Imagine a quilt adorned with heartfelt notes and messages from weddings, baby showers, retirements, graduations, and every milestone in between. Each stitch tells a story, weaving together the fabric of your life in a tapestry of love and celebration.

Dive into my guide for transforming this timeless pattern into a cherished memory quilt that preserves moments and milestones for generations to come.

If you’re wanting to make a signature memory quilt using the Keepsake Quilt Pattern, this is for you!

The Keepsake Quilt

Are you hoping to make a signature memory quilt? The Keepsake Pattern is perfect! This classic star pattern features Sawtooth Star quilt blocks where you can have signatures on the centers of each star.

Regardless of your special occasion for making a signed memory quilt – I want to help you succeed in making it your own!

I originally made this quilt as my wedding guest book quilt, which you can read more about here.

Memory Quilt filled with notes from family and friends

Making Your Keepsake Quilt as a Signed Memory Quilt

So you want to make the Keepsake Quilt as a memory quilt? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve compiled some tips and ideas into this blog post. If you have a question about making your Keepsake Memory Quilt, please do not hesitate to reach out! I will continue to update this post as questions come in, too.

Memory Quilt filled with notes from family and friends

Permanent Fabric Markers

One of the most important things for your memory quilt are high quality fabric markers. My personal recommendation is Marvy Uchida Fine Point in Black. I tested a handful of different kinds of permanent fabric pens, and I liked Marvy Uchida the most because it was the easiest to write with and showed up the darkest.

Memory Quilt filled with notes from family and friends

Seam allowances and Signatures

My personal strategy for making my Keepsake Memory Quilt was to have the quilt blocks already pre-made for guests to sign so that I had complete control over how the quilt ended up. If you’d rather not, you can provide pre-cut squares instead. (A charm pack with seam allowances marked works well!)

My reason for having the blocks ready in advance was because many non-quilters don’t understand seam allowance, so having them already sewn together eliminates any possible issues from happening.

Wedding Memory Quilt signed by each guest

Ideas for Signatures

The possibilities for signature quilt blocks are endless! People can write a note or a quote or bible verse on their quilt blocks, and some people may simply sign their names.

If you’d like, you may consider telling people in advance to bring a favorite quote or piece of advice to write. Giving people a heads up allows time to prepare so that the messages are more thought out!

Wedding Guest Book Memory Quilt

Signing Quilt Blocks for a Keepsake Memory Quilt

Here are some ideas to help things to run smoothly at the signing event:

  • Set up a designated quilt block signing table to keep it all in one place
  • Provided plenty of pieced quilt blocks in advance, or use a set of pre-cut squares with seam allowances marked
  • Use some pretty baskets to store them in/display them
  • Markers – Marvy Uchida. Provide a few marker so more than one person can sign at a time.
  • Have someone in charge of facilitating the signing (manning the table) and make sure to keep the signed blocks all safe and clean.

Once all the blocks are signed and pieced, you’re ready to sew them together to make your Keepsake Quilt!

make a signed quilt

The Keepsake Quilt Pattern includes a whole page of ideas for what to do if you have too many signed blocks or not enough blocks for your desired quilt size.

Many of the photos shared in this post were provided by Hannah @thebackporchstitcher from the Keepsake Quilt that she is making for her friend’s wedding. If you make a Keepsake Memory Quilt, I would LOVE to see photos! Please email them to homemadeemilyjane@gmail.com.

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