The more I use my HUSQVARNA SAPPHIRE 965Q machine, the more I love it!

Are you in the market for a new sewing machine? Is it time to upgrade? This is an amazing machine and I would definitely recommend it for any intermediate to advanced sewers/quilters. The machine has a lot of really great features specifically designed with quilting in mind.


I’ve had this machine for just over a year and I really cannot say enough good things about it. Its a total workhorse and super SUPER user friendly. The automated features makes it so easy to use and it can go really fast if you want to sew quick, but of course, the speed is adjustable!

My most favorite feature that was an absolute MUST HAVE when searching for my machine was that I needed it to have an automatic thread cutter. This little feature really streamlines the process while piecing or quilting.

If you’re searching for a new machine, these are some other important features to look for (all of which are provided on the HUSQVARNA SAPPHIRE 965Q!

  • Clear bobbin cover, so you can see exactly how much thread you have left in the bobbin
  • Bobbin warning when it is getting low (because we don’t always remember to look!)
  • Quarter inch foot – an absolute necessity for any quilter!
  • Automatic thread cutter: this feature is amazing! When i stop sewing, I press a button to cut the threads, it sews a lock stitch and then trims the threads
  • Computerized machine
  • Decorative stitches for when you want to dress up a project
  • “Fix” option – allows you to sew in place at the beginning of a seam to lock the stitches in place so they don’t unravel

An extra feature that is unique to the HUSQVARNA machines is that it allows you to actually wind your bobbin without having to unthread the top thread on the machine. It’s so neat and a total time saver!

Whether you’re an experienced sewist looking for an upgrade or if you’re looking to dive into the wonderful world of quilting – you’ll definitely want to look into getting this machine. Be sure to ask me any questions you may have. I’m always happy to help and can’t say enough great things about my HUSQVARNA SAPPHIRE machine!

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