How to use a Stripology Ruler

Have you heard about the Stripology Ruler?! If you’re a modern quilter like me, then you know how important it is to have accurate cuts of fabric when making a quilt. You also know how time consuming (and tedious) it can be to cut out every piece of fabric for a whole quilt.

The Stripology Quilting Ruler is my quilty secret weapon for cutting fabrics easier and so much more efficient. Join me as we take a look at what a Stripology Quilting Ruler is and how to use it.

What is a Stripology Quilting Ruler?

A Stripology Quilting Ruler is a long, transparent ruler made by Gudrun Erla of GE designs. The Stripology Ruler was specifically created for cutting fabric strips quickly and accurately. It has markings on it that allow you to cut strips of fabric in different widths without having to move the ruler or measure each time.

stripology quilting ruler tutorial - how to use a stripology ruler to efficiently cut fabric for quilting

Differences between the Stripology Rulers

There are a few different types of Stripology rulers available in the market. Each Stripology option has its own unique features and benefits. Selecting the best Stripology ruler for you ultimately depends on your needs and preferences, and what types of quilting projects you plan on making. All of the Stripology rulers are designed to make cutting fabric strips quick and accurate. The best one for you will depend on the size and complexity of your quilting project.

My personal favorite and recommendation is the Stripology XL ruler. The Stripology XL is the largest Stripology ruler, with wider markings and more cutting channels for the most versatility. I only have the XL and find that it suits all my needs!

In contrast, the Stripology Squared is a square ruler that has both horizontal and vertical markings. It’s advertised as being the best for cutting squares and rectangles, rather than just straight strips. (I’ve found it entirely possible to cut squares and strips using the XL with a little adjusting. Watch the video tutorial above to see how!)

The Stripology Squared Mini ruler is a smaller version of the Stripology Squared, which is perfect for more compact projects. If you just want to try it out without as much initial investment, the mini version is a fun option!

You can get your own Stripology XL ruler through my affiliate link on Amazon here or through the Fat Quarter Shop here.

how to use the markings on a stripology ruler to cut fabric strips

Understanding the Markings and Lines on a Stripology Ruler

You’ll notice the key on the Stripology ruler that easily shows you the same increments for some common measurements. The stars are notated every 1.5″, the squares every 2.5″

There are also incremental horizontal lines in both white and black so you can use the horizontal lines to ensure your fabrics are squared up and straight.

How to Use a Stripology Quilting Ruler

Step 1: Prepare Your Fabric

Before using the Stripology Quilting Ruler, make sure your fabric is properly prepped. Before cutting fabric for any quilt I always press the fabric and apply Best Press. You can use Best Press or your favorite starch or starch alternative. (Some people love Flatter or Faultless instead!)

Step 2: Align Your Fabric

Next, place your fabric on your cutting mat and align it so that the selvedge edges are parallel to the edge of the cutting mat. Make sure your fabric is flat, straight, and on-grain. The selvedge edges should line up together evenly.

Next, fold the fabric in half, bringing the existing fabric fold down to meet the selvedges. You’ll notice now that the entire width of your cotton fits within the vertical slots of the Stripology Quilting Ruler. (on the XL size Stripology). Be extra careful when making this additional fold to keep the fabric square. Ensure your fabric fold is lined up straight. If your fold is not straight, it may result in wonky strips that are not on grain.

Step 3: Position the Ruler

Once your fabric is set up, the next step is to take your Stripology Quilting Ruler and position it over the fabric. Make sure that the markings on the ruler are lined up with the edges of your fabric. The horizontal lines across the Stripology ruler are incredibly helpful for ensuring that the ruler is straight across the entire piece of fabric.

Step 4: Cut the Fabric

After checking alignment, use a rotary cutter to first cut along the edge of the ruler where you see the “0” marking. Making this first cut gets your fabric straight and squared. Then follow the markings to cut your first strip at your preferred measurements. The ruler’s markings will help guide you as you cut, as mentioned above. You’ll be able to make several cuts into strips without needing to reposition the ruler.

Step 5: Repeat

After you reach the end of the ruler, you can repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have cut all the strips you need for the quilt pattern you are following. You’ll soon notice how the Stripology Quilting Ruler makes it easy to cut multiple strips quickly and accurately, saving you time and effort!

If you want to make Squares or Rectangles from the strips, it’s easy to use your Stripology ruler to do so! Check out the video tutorial linked above to watch how I lay out my strips perpendicular to the ruler and then use the guidelines to cut the strips down into squares or rectangles!

using a stripology ruler for quilting

After following these simple steps, you’ll discover that the Stripology Quilting Ruler is a valuable tool for any quilter. It makes cutting fabric strips incredibly fast and easy, allowing you to spend more time sewing your quilt and less time cutting. With a little practice, you’ll be able to use the ruler to cut strips for your next quilting project with ease.

More Stripology Ruler Tutorials and Resources

Gudrun Erla, the creator of Stripology rulers, has created many more tutorials and videos to help you learn how to use the rulers most effectively and efficiently! Check them all out over on her website here.

Best Quilt Patterns for Using Stripology Rulers

Of course you can use the Stripology Quilting Ruler for nearly any quilt! Here are some of my favorites that I have used my ruler while making:

Stripology Ruler vs. AccuQuilt fabric cutting machine

While both the Stripology ruler and Accuquilt fabric cutting machine can make cutting fabrics easier and more efficient, they have different benefits and limitations.

One advantage of using a Stripology ruler is its versatility. The ruler can be used to cut fabric strips in different widths and sizes, which gives you more flexibility in your quilting projects. It’s also more affordable and portable than an Accuquilt machine, making it a great option for quilters who are just starting out or who prefer to travel with their quilting supplies.

On the other hand, an Accuquilt machine is a great choice for quilters who want to save time and effort in cutting fabrics. The machine can cut multiple layers of fabric at once, producing precise and uniform shapes, which can be especially helpful for complex or repetitive quilting patterns. However, the machine can be expensive and bulky, which may not be ideal for all quilters.

accuquilt vs stripology - which cutting method is most efficient for quilting

AccuQuilt Tutorials

Check out these other tutorials to learn more about AccuQuilt and see if it might be a good fit for you:

When to Use Stripology vs. When to Use AccuQuilt

Ultimately, the choice between a Stripology ruler and an Accuquilt machine will depend on your unique preferences and budget. If you prefer more control and flexibility in your cutting, the Stripology ruler may be the better choice. If you value speed and precision in cutting and have the budget for it, an Accuquilt machine may be worth the investment.

I personally have found the most efficient way to cut fabrics is to use AccuQuilt dies for anything with complex shapes. Any time I cut Half Square Triangles, Flying Geese, or anything with curves I use AccuQuilt. I use AccuQuilt for any shapes that get sewn on the bias and then trimmed down, so that I can skip that final trimming step. (I hate trimming!) Once I’ve cut out all the triangles/circles with Accuquilt, I go through and cut all the basic shapes such as strips, squares, and rectangles with the Stripology XL Quilting Ruler.

I hope this tutorial helps you decide which cutting methods will be the most easy for you in your quilting journey!

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