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Free Quilt Pattern: Explore

Are you looking for a free quilt pattern? I’m excited to share with you the new and improved Explore Quilt Pattern!

In 2019, I released my very first ever quilt pattern – Explore. Since then, I’ve learned a lot about quilt pattern formatting and have adopted a new style on my patterns. I thought it was about time to give the Explore pattern a little updating and upgrading… and the best part? It’s still totally free for subscribers on my e-mail list!

Easy Quilt Pattern

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love an easy quilt pattern! This one is particularly fun because you don’t actually have to match up any seams at all. If you’re new to quilting, you will love trying out the Explore quilt pattern!

Modern baby quilt explore

Half Square Triangles in this Free Quilt Pattern

The very first quilt I ever made was composed entirely of Half Square Triangles, so I found it appropriate for my first quilt pattern to also be Half Square Triangles too! Whether you’ve been making quilts for years or if this is your first quilt, Explore is a perfect pattern for you!

The Half Square Triangles in the Explore pattern are all constructed using the classic and easy 2-at-a-time method. Luckily for you, I actually have a complete tutorial on how to make Half Square Triangles using this technique!

Tools and Equipment for Making the Explore Quilt

This Free Quilt Pattern is totally beginner-friendly, so you can make it using just a few of the classic essential quilting tools. Here are some of my absolute favorites:

If you’re new to quilting, check out my list of all the essential quilting supplies too!

Minky quilt backing on baby size Explore Quilt

Backing this Baby Quilt with Minky

It’s no secret around here that one of my favorite backings to use on baby quilts is Shannon Fabrics Cuddle® fabric. Using Minky fabric for a quilt back makes for a super cozy and warm quilt, and it’s just too soft to pass up. I have compiled tons of tips & tricks for working with Cuddle fabric for you to take a look!

Make an Itsy Bitsy Explore Quilt Mug Rug

As a special added bonus, this new & improved free quilt pattern includes an extra size! You can make yourself a tiny Explore quilt that comes to 6.5″ square and is the perfect size for a Mug Rug! Download the free quilt pattern above to find the instructions for the Explore Mug Rug.

Learn More About the Explore Quilt Pattern

I made this video a while ago to share some details about the Explore pattern, check it out now:

Explore Quilts on Instagram

Since this pattern released a few years ago, you can actually find a lot of Explore Quilt inspiration over on Instagram! Check out lots of fun Explore Quilts using this free pattern here.

get this easy free quilt pattern today
Modern orange and blue baby quilt using the free Explore Quilt Pattern by Homemade Emily Jane

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