How To Make A Custom AccuQuilt Die

Did you know you can cut out virtually ANY shape using an AccuQuilt fabric cutting machine, even if there’s not already an AccuQuilt die for that shape?! Let me tell you about how I recently ordered a CUSTOM AccuQuilt die from the AccuCut company Custom Shape Pros.

Whether you’re a quilter, sewist, fiber artist, or even paper crafter – using an AccuQuilt or AccuCut machine can drastically improve efficiency and accuracy!

In this video and blog post, I share with you the steps of the process for ordering your own custom AccuQuilt die. You’ll see my initial design concept all the way through to the actual finished die! It’s a very easy and quick process!

AccuQuilt Die shapes & sizes

If you’ve got some AccuQuilt dies already, you’ll recognize some of these size options. You can see that these die size options are the same as many existing dies that AccuQuilt offers. Here’s a nifty chart from the Custom Shape Pros website to show the various die sizes and compatibility for different AccuQuilt machine models.

Size chart for all AccuQuilt Go! Dies and which machines they're compatible with

Designing your Custom Die

Of course you can use anything as inspiration for your custom AccuQuilt die! The original pattern for the fabric headbands is by Mandy Beyeler of Sugar Bee Crafts! Mandy is a wealth of creative inspiration and I absolutely adore her use of bright, happy colors! Go give her a follow on Instagram!

The full tutorial and PDF pattern for the shape can be found here. I did make a few minor adjustments to the pattern before turning it into a custom Accuquilt Die. The main thing I changed is that I increased the size to make it into an adult headband size. To increase the size of a pattern like this, simply print it out on your home printer and enlarge the scale. I think I did mine at 120%.

Original shape for fabric knotted headband tutorial that I used for my custom AccuQuilt Die. Pattern is by Sugar Bee Crafts

In order for the Custom Shape Pros team to turn your design into a die, you’ll submit a photo of your shape that includes all dimensions listed out. Here’s the design I submitted originally. Note that the die itself needs to be slightly larger than your design (I believe a 1/2″ on all sides).

Original drawing for fabric knotted headband tutorial that I used for my custom AccuQuilt Die. Pattern is by Sugar Bee Crafts

Submitting your Design

Once you have your design drawn, head to the order form on the Custom Shape Pros website. You’ll fill out some basic information about which AccuQuilt machine you use and other important details. There is a spot on the submission form where you can upload the photo of your design, and they also provide all the specifics of what they need your image to include. Primarily, make sure your image is drawn to scale and shows the measurements as much as possible. Luckily, the team is fantastic and can help you out along the way too!

After you submit your design, you’ll be contacted by someone at Custom Shape Pros to put together the proof and also finalize the order. This is when you’ll find out the cost for the die you want to make. Of course, prices will vary depending on how large of a die you’re ordering and also how complex it is. For reference, the one I ordered cost $145 USD and is one of the larger options.

custom AccuQuilt Die mock up for headband die. Pattern is by Sugar Bee Crafts

Approving your Proof

Before the Custom Shape Pros team can actually begin building your custom AccuQuilt die, someone from the team will email you a Proof. They take the image you provide and put it into their software and make any adjustments as needed. When I submitted my original drawing I wasn’t aware of some logistical constraints, but the team was able to work with me to find a suitable alternative. Once you have a proof that you’re pleased with, you let them know that the proof is approved!

Once you’ve approved the proof, the Custom Shape Pros team gets to work building your custom die. One thing I loved about my custom AccuQuilt Go Die is that it looks just like any of the other AccuQuilt Go Dies, so it fits right into my collection!

How Long Does it Take to Make the Custom Die?

You might be wondering how long it will take, and honestly I was so pleasantly surprised by how fast it was!! I spent a couple days getting the proof just right and then it took only a couple days for them to make the die. It shipped to me that same week!

How to make a custom AccuQuilt Die for any sewing project

Cutting out your custom shapes!

YAY your custom die has arrived at your home, now you get to start cutting! Using your custom die is just like you’d use any other AccuQuilt die.

As a reminder, depending on the size of your new die, you might need to also purchase an extra cutting mat! But, since the custom dies come in all the standard die sizes, there’s a good chance you might already have the right size cutting mat on hand.

How to make a custom AccuQuilt Die for any sewing project, like this fabric knotted headband!

Ordering your Custom AccuQuilt Die

Are you ready to begin the process of ordering your custom AccuQuilt Die? Visit the website here to learn more!

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