Connector Quilt Pattern

It’s been a long time coming but I am THRILLED to finally announce the release of my very first quilt pattern for my shop: Connector! This modern quilt pattern comes in 5 different sizes: Wall Hanging, Baby, Lap, Throw, and Bed.

Connector Quilt Pattern Now Available with Beau
Connector Quilt Throw Size Navy and Neutral
Throw Size Connector Quilt Navy and Neutrals

Why “Connector”?

Although the design for the Connector Quilt is actually inspired by tile floors, this quilt pattern got it’s name for the links it shows pulling the quilt from corner to corner. As I have had more time recently to be more introspective, I have been thinking about what it means for me to BE a connector. One of my greatest joys in life is to build bridges and to instigate partnerships & collaboration, connecting people together and building communities.

In addition, the world as a whole is in a very vulnerable place right now – separated into our individual homes. So, as I was contemplating the name for this quilt pattern, I figured this would be a reminder of the need to stay connected. I hope this pattern inspires you and makes you feel connection to the quilting community as a whole. We as a community will continue to come together through digital platforms to stay connected throughout any uncertainty that may come our way.

Connector Quilt Throw size - Beau

About the Cover Quilt

I made the cover quilt using all solids from @PBSfabrics. The colors are listed here, and I can earn a small commission if you can purchase them directly through these links:

Throw Size Connector Quilt layout

The quilting done on the cover quilt was done by my amazing mom: Jane! Jane runs her own long arm quilting company and you can see some of her work on instagram @JaneJustSew

Navy & Neutral Pre-Cut Quilt Kits

You can get a pre-cut kit in very similar shades as the cover quilt offered through Quilt 101. The Quilt 101 kits are designed to match this version very closely, but with Art Gallery Solids instead. (due to fabric availability and supply chains, yada yada) Use code “CONNECTOR” to save 10% when you buy the kit from Quilt101.

Connector Quilt Pre-Cut Kit by Quilt101

Fat Quarter Friendly Connector Quilt

You can easily make the Connector quilt pattern using Fat Quarters or other scraps! Read about two main methods for making a scrappy Connector quilt here.

The Connector Quilt Pattern Tester’s Versions:

Check out all these beautiful versions of the Connector quilt pattern! I really can’t thank these amazing people enough for helping me get this pattern out to you! You can also see many more images on Instagram by searching for the hashtag #ConnectorQuilt

Baby Size Connector Quilt by Stephanie @octoberinthewild
Baby Size Connector Quilt by Elise @nursesneednaps
Baby size Connector Quilt by Jennifer @penelopehandmade
Baby Size Connector Quilt by Ashlee @crinklyquilts
Baby Size Connector Quilt by Shalini @fuzzygnome
Rainbow Baby Size Connector Quilt, Rainbow Baby Quilt
Rainbow Wall Hanging Connector Quilt by Laura @sharingseams
Wall Hanging Connector Quilt by Molly @mollylovelythreads
Throw Size Connector Quilt by Ashley @Ashley_quilts
Lap Size Connector Quilt
Lap size connector quilt by Charlene @sweetgardeniaquiltco
Bed Size Connector Quilt by Jessica @thatssewjessi
Scrappy Baby Size Connector Quilt by Alison @redheaded_rita
Connector Quilt Pattern, 6 color quilt, modern quilt, homemadeemilyjane, hawthorne fabrics
Lap Size Connector Quilt by @homemadeemilyjane made with @hawthornesupplyco fabrics

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