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Christmas Stocking Project Guide

Hey there sewing pals!

A couple weeks ago a good friend of mine asked me how to make Christmas Stockings with her. I hadn’t ever made Christmas stockings before, but since this is my first Christmas with a family of my own (Me, my husband Eric & our fur child Beau the Golden Retriever) this is the perfect opportunity to make some for our home too while teaching my friend some sewing basics!

First off, I mostly followed the Sew Like My Mom Christmas Stocking tutorial – Click here for the pattern. This tutorial was super easy to follow and my friend who had never sewn before did a great job at it!


This is what the pattern pieces look like. You’ll want to make sure to pin the different pieces of paper together very well so they don’t shift! (learned that the hard way…)

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PROJECT: Sewing Machine Pocket Pal

I want to share with you a little project I’ve been working on. I call it my pocket pal, but I got the idea and pattern from lillyella. She calls it an Under Cover Makers Mat and this is the pattern to download. *I adapted this pattern to fit my machine and sewing needs.

Pocket Pal under the Husqvarna Sapphire965Q

To begin, I downloaded the pattern and printed it out. I then took measurements of my machine and decided to increase the finished size of the mat – my final dimensions are 24″ by 27″. I had to then also change the pocket sizing as well to accommodate the wider finished mat. (My pocket panel finished size is 24″ wide.)

For my middle pocket, I decided to make my own block using pink, white, and grey scraps that I had on hand. I made 36 half square triangle blocks and rearranged them until I liked how they looked. To the left of the center pocket, I put a very wide pocket and a shorter one of the same width, and to the right I put a skinny pocket and my thread catcher bag.

Pocket Pal close up with thread catcher bag

My little pocked perfectly fits a little pair of scissors and the best seam ripper ever.

I was really happy with how the thread catcher bag turned out – I can’t get enough of these pom poms!

Overall, I love how the pocket pal/maker mat turned out! My sapphire 965Q is loving it too!!! I can’t wait to show you more projects as I work to get my new sewing space set up!

Happy sewing, pals!