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Explore Quilt: a Fast, Free, Easy Modern Quilt Pattern

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If you love free quilt patterns, you’ve come to the right place! This beginner-friendly quilt pattern is perfect for a quick finish and great for any skill level!

The Explore Quilt Pattern is a fun, modern design that doesn’t require matching up any seams which means it’s really great for beginners who might not be real precise in their sewing yet.

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Triangular Quilt Pattern: a modern triangle quilt pattern

The modern triangle quilt pattern called Triangular is now available! I’m excited to share that you can now purchase your own copy of the Triangular quilt pattern over in my shop! This modern geometric quilt pattern features different sizes of Half Square Triangles that appear to be floating like confetti on your background fabric. If you love modern quilting or need a fresh new quilt pattern design, this one is fun and easier than it looks! Grab the quilt pattern today!

If you’d rather, watch this quick video to learn about the Triangular Quilt Pattern:

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Connector Quilt: Fat Quarter Friendly Quilt Pattern

Connector Quilt fabric scraps, scrappy quilt pattern, easy quilt pattern, scrap buster, homemadeemilyjane, connector quilt, fabric scraps, fat quarter quilt pattern

So you want to make a Connector quilt out of fat quarters? I say that’s a GREAT idea! It will definitely look a bit more scrappy but can be really amazing! Scrappy quilts are great!

There are lots of different ways to go about making a quilt pattern without adhering strictly to fabric requirements. I personally prefer to view the “requirements” as more of “suggestions”.

Here are a few examples of how to adjust the fabric requirements to meet your desired level of scrappiness and use up fat quarters, or even just any decent size scraps you might have laying about!

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Connector Quilt Kits

Connector Quilt Kit Lap Size

With the launch of the Connector Quilt pattern, I have teamed up with some amazing fabric shops that are offering pre-designed Quilt Kits for you! I didn’t want the pandemic keeping you back from being able to get your hands on fabric for this quilt, so let’s dive into the world of online shopping with these diverse and unique quilt kit options.

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