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Bold and Scrappy Baby Quilts

A new modern geometric quilt pattern is available and perfect for making scrappy baby quilts! The Cirrus quilt pattern is a super fast quilt pattern perfect for using fabric scraps or pre-cut kits. If you like a bold baby quilt pattern, then Cirrus is great for you!

Bold baby quilts are super popular right now for modern nursery decor and also a very practical item for any new mom! Grab the Cirrus quilt pattern to make a modern geometric baby quilt like this one!

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Fabrics Used in these Scrappy Baby Quilts

This modern flying geese quilt pattern was made using fabrics mostly from sets of 5″ squares from Connecting Threads. They are all quilting cotton blenders which add a really fun texture to the designs.

Here are some of my favorites from Connecting Threads:

The backing of each is Shannon Fabrics Cuddle® fabric. The pink is Fuschia and the blue is Saltwater.

Quilt Batting and Basting Details

These scrappy baby quilts were both backed with Shannon Fabrics Cuddle®. I often get asked what kind of batting I use with minky or if I even use quilt batting at all! I do prefer to use batting, but a thin lightweight batting is perfect (especially because I live in a warm climate!) My quilt batting of choice is Quilter’s Dream Orient batting which is a bamboo blend and has amazing drape. You can learn more about different types of quilt batting in this article.

Backing a quilt with minky fabric can have really amazing results but it can also be a bit more tricky than backing a quilt with normal woven cotton fabric. You can see all my tips and techniques about backing a quilt with minky over on this post. The most important tip I have is to use spray adhesive to baste the quilt. I love spray basting because it keeps the fabric from sliding, stretching and creating puckers while you are stitching the quilting.

Quilting Modern Scrappy Baby Quilts

Normally when I make a baby quilt, I quilt it myself on my sewing machine. But, these 2 got luxury treatment! these were quilted by my long arm quilter, who also happens to be my mom! The design on the blue & green quilt is called Rock Star by My Creative Stitches. The design on the pink & yellow quilt is Daisy Doodle by Urban Elementz.

Quilt Binding Tips

If you choose to back your quilt with minky, you’re in for a treat! Get ready for the coziest quilt ever! BUT also be aware that the Cuddle® fabric adds a bit of extra thickness. Let’s cover how that bit of extra fabric thickness might impact your quilt binding.

Binding a quilt is already one of the more tricky steps of making a quilt. In fact, I have a 3-part blog series (complete with videos too) that shows everything about quilt binding because it can be a bit of a sewing challenge!

If you are binding your quilt after backing it with Cuddle® fabric, you’ll just want to keep in mind to make sure the binding folds all the way over the edge of the quilt. I find 2.5″ wide binding is perfect and I do prefer binding on machine when the quilt is backed with cuddle fabric.

Additionally, it might be a bit difficult with a quilt this size to avoid the binding seams being at the corner without intentionally planning out the binding before sewing it onto the quilt. I suggest pinning it in place to make sure to avoid bulky seams at the quilt corners.

More options for the Cirrus Quilt Pattern

I’d like to invite you to learn more about the Cirrus quilt pattern. Or, you can take a peek at some of these other variations that I have up on my blog:

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