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Blessings Quilt Pattern

Now introducing a modern flying geese quilt pattern, the Blessings Quilt pattern! Blessings is Fat Quarter friendly and great for practicing making a Flying Geese Quilt Block.

The Blessings quilt pattern includes instructions for Baby, Throw, and Bed size quilts. You can use traditional fabric cutting methods with a rotary cutter, or follow along with the additional AccuQuilt-specific cutting instructions.

Blessings Quilt Pattern throw size quilt featuring aqua and teal fabrics

See more about the Blessings Quilt Pattern in this quick video:

This article contains affiliate links to some of my favorite quilting tools; the affiliate links allow me to make a small commission on purchases made after clicking on the links, but does not alter the shopping experience for you!

Baby boy quilt flying geese quilt blocks

Blessings Quilt Pattern Sizes

The Blessings quilt pattern includes 3 complete sizes, and since it is block-based you can easily make it your own too! The smallest size is baby size, and the quilt pattern goes up to Bed size by adding more blocks. The blocks are the same size in all quilt sizes.

  • Baby Size: 45″ x 45″
  • Throw Size: 72″ x 72″
  • Queen Bed Size: 90″ x 108″
perfect baby boy quilt

Easy Quilt Pattern for Beginners

The Blessings quilt pattern is great for a beginner quilter. This flying geese quilt pattern is ideal for you to expand your quilting skills.

If you want to learn or practice your Four-at-a-time Flying Geese, then the Blessings Quilt pattern is perfect for you!

modern Flying Geese quilt

Fabric Requirements for the Blessings Quilt Pattern

One of the many things I love about this modern quilt pattern is that it is perfect for using your Fat Quarters! In case you don’t already know, a Fat Quarter (FQ) is a piece of fabric that is typically 18″ x 21″ and is one of my personal favorite ways to buy fabrics.

Blessings Quilt Pattern fabric requirements

Scrap-friendly: The Blessings Quilt is also a great pattern for using up some scraps!

AccuQuilt tip: If you are using AccuQuilt, you will need just a little extra background fabric.

Blessings Quilt Pattern baby boy quilt

Blessings Quilt Kits

Do you want to make a quilt just like the one on the cover?! You’re in luck because I have quilt kits!! These kits include fabric for the quilt top and binding, as well as a paper copy of the Blessings Quilt Pattern.

Blessings Quilt kit

Techniques you’ll learn in the Blessings Quilt Pattern

The Blessings quilt pattern includes comprehensive step-by-step instructions filled with lots of diagrams to make a modern flying geese quilt. I encourage you to shop your fabric collection and use up some fabric scraps to make your Blessings Quilt.

The two main components of a Blessings Quilt Block are the Flying Geese Block and some simple rectangles. Check out this No-Waste Flying Geese tutorial for extra guidance:

My favorite Quilting Supplies and Notions

The Blessings quilt pattern is a pattern featuring traditional shapes, and is great for confident beginner quilters. You can use just your basic quilting tools to make this pattern.

Since some of the sewing involves stitching along the fabric bias, I highly recommend preparing your fabric with a starch or starch alternative. I personally prefer using Best Press on my fabric to get it more crisp and keep it from stretching while sewing on the bias. Best Press, starch, or any alternative to spray starch is helpful to keep your fabric from stretching while you are sewing or pressing. For best results, apply your starch to your fabric prior to pressing & cutting.

The basic rulers I’d recommend are a long ruler, like 8.5″ x 24″ and a square; an 8.5″ square ruler is super useful! If you want to make it a little easier, you might also consider investing in some extra tools, but they’re totally optional!

When it comes to more fancy rulers, I am a HUGE fan of the Stripology XL Ruler – I used mine to cut out all the strips for sashing, borders, and binding, and some of the squares too.

Alternatively, if you enjoy using AccuQuilt like I do, you’ll be happy to know that the Blessings Quilt pattern includes specific AccuQuilt fabric cutting instructions! The 12″ Mix and Match Qube is recommended for using AccuQuilt on the Blessings Quilt Pattern. This is a fantastic die set with so much versatility!

modern flying geese quilt Blessings Pattern by Homemade Emily Jane

Color Your Own Blessings Quilt

Did you know you can use your smart phone or tablet to digitally color your quilts? I use the ReColor App to come up with some new palettes to try! Simply download the blank coloring pages and screenshot the design for your desired quilt size, and then upload the image into your coloring app of choice.

If you want to try a more advanced quilt mock-up method, you can find all my favorites in this post about different ways to color your quilts.

Blessings Quilt featuring "Sitting in the Breeze" Fat Quarter fabric bundle from Homemade Emily Jane
Blessings Quilt featuring “Sitting in the Breeze” Fat Quarter fabric bundle

Don’t Miss the Blessings Quilt Kits

You’ll love these VIBRANT Quilt Kits to make your very own Blessings Quilt just like the quilt on the cover of the quilt pattern! These fabrics are so bold, vibrant, and fun! They truly make such a stunning quilt and I hope you love the colors as much as I do.

Instead of purchasing a complete quilt, the Blessings Quilt pattern is also great for grabbing a handful of Fat Quarters too!! The Throw size uses 12 Fat Quarters. Here are a few Fat Quarter bundle options available in my shop:

Pattern Tester Blessings Quilt Variations

I had a few wonderful quilt pattern testers for the Blessings quilt and I’m so excited to show you their versions!

Sarah from @thequiltywife made a stunning throw Size Blessings Quilt with lots of amazing HAND Quilting!

Stephanie from @octoberinthewild had some help from her adorable daughter to make this georgeous throw size Blessings Quilt! I love hearing stories of the kiddos getting involved in the quilting process too!!

Laura from @sharingseams made a Blessings Quilt featuring some fun, bright fabrics. (photo coming soon!)

Feeling Inspired to Make Your Own Quilt?

Just grab the Quilt Pattern and some fabric and you’ll be ready to dive in!

Additional Versions for more Quilty Inspiration

I’ve personally made a few different Blessings quilts, and will include more details about each of them up on my blog. Check them out at the links below as they get posted:

  • Bennett’s Baby Quilt
  • Blue Baby Quilt
  • Aqua and Teal Throw Size Quilt

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