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The Best Baby Quilt Patterns to Make in a Weekend

Are you looking to make a simple, easy, and fast baby quilt pattern? If you’re looking for a quick make and a fast baby shower gift, you are in the right place for the best baby quilt pattern. Here are some of my favorite baby quilts to make in a weekend!

I’ve compiled a few easy and fast baby quilt patterns that you need to check out! These are mostly beginner or confident beginner skill level and they all come together surprisingly fast! Try out one of these quick baby quilt patterns for yourself to see just how great they are.

Baby Quilts for Beginners

When I first started quilting, the very first quilt block I ever learned to make was the simple Half Square Triangle. Here are a few staple baby quilts that feature this traditional quilt block and are fast to sew together.

Baby Solitaire Quilt pink and green

A Fast and Fun Solitaire Quilt

The Solitaire Quilt pattern features two different ways to make it: either using the 8-at-a-time Half Square Triangle method, or by using an AccuQuilt GO!™ cutting machine. The pattern is super easy and even pre-cut friendly, as you can use Fat Quarters or even 10″ squares to make it! If you are making the baby size, I recommend using 10″ squares for more variety in your inner triangles.

The Sail Quilt: a crowd favorite and easy too!

Since it’s release a couple years ago, the Sail Quilt Pattern has become one of the most popular quilt patters in my shop! And for good reason, too! If you want the perfect quilt pattern to follow for making your first baby quilt, then look no further than this simple and easy Sail Quilt Pattern! The Sail pattern will teach you two different methods for making Half Square Triangles and the baby size is just perfect for making your first quilt simple, easy, and fun! You can make your own Sail Quilt as scrappy as you would like!

baby girl half square triangle quilt made with Gingham Play by Michael Miller fabrics

Free baby quilt pattern: Explore Quilt Pattern

Do you love the idea of Half Square Triangles but not so confident you’ll be able to line them up accurately? That’s precisely why the Explore Quilt Pattern was designed!

The Explore pattern is not only perfect for beginners, it’s also free! You will receive the Explore pattern when you sign up for my email list here.

Explore is one of my favorites for a fast project, especially because there are absolutely zero points to match up!

Modern baby quilt explore

Modern Triangle Baby Quilt Patterns for the Advanced Beginner

Do you want to make a baby quilt with a block other than the classic Half Square Triangle? Here are some ideas for patterns that teach slightly more complex shapes and techniques, yet are still simple and fast enough to come together in a weekend! These baby quilts feature some slightly more advanced techniques for confident beginners that I am sure you will love:

Stunning Star Quilt: The Beaming Pattern

One thing tat I love about the Beaming Quilt Pattern is that it actually looks more tricky than it really is! Make some bold, modern star quilt blocks for a stunning baby quilt! The larger block sizes help it come together really quick and the construction methods keep it fun and interesting. The Beaming pattern is block-based, AccuQuilt-friendly, and the baby size just uses a handful of Fat Quarters. You can always add more blocks too or change the arrangement to suit your needs in this easy quilt pattern!

Big Block Quilt: Paradigm Quilt Pattern

The Paradigm Quilt Pattern has been another one of the most popular patterns in my shop ever since it released, especially because of how quickly these big bold shapes come together! This fun baby quilt pattern comes together so fast and is a really fun way to try out a couple new skills, or perfect skills that you’ve already been learning. This big single-block quilt features a very large statement Economy Quilt Block in the center surrounded by 16 giant Flying Geese quilt blocks.

Love these fast baby quilts but want something a little more modern? How about some triangles that are a bit more complex than the classic Half Square Triangle shown in the baby quilt patterns above? These modern triangles are a bit trickier than some of the classic baby quilt patterns, but can be made just as quickly! The modern designs really pop and will be sure to shine in that new baby’s nursery!

Modern Triangles: Jubilant Quilt Pattern

The Jubilant Quilt Pattern features a less common quilt block called the Half Rectangle Triangle made using the simplest HRT method possible. You’ll love how quick the baby size comes together once you master the basic blocks! This quick baby quilt is another great opportunity to use fabrics from your stash or scrap bins too.

Asymmetrical and Bold: Bonanza Quilt Pattern

While the Bonanza Quilt is a little more technically challenging, it is also incredibly rewarding and comes together quickly! These modern triangles can be cut out using templates or an AccuQuilt machine and are really fun to make. Then add background fabrics and sashing to finish out the quilt top. The baby size can use Fat Quarters or 1/4 yards of fabric and creates an almost rainbow-like effect depending on how you lay out your fabrics.

I hope you loved learning about these quick and easy quilt patterns! Grab your favorite today and get started sewing!

For Beginner Quilters:

If you are brand new to quilting, I would love to invite you to check out How to Make a Quilt From Start to Finish for a complete guide to making your very first quilt.

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