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Top Five Modern AccuQuilt Quilt Patterns

If you’re a quilter, then you probably already know that there are often lots of different techniques you can use to make quilt blocks! The quilting experts are constantly coming out with neat new tools and products to make quilting easier and more accurate.

Back in the day, quilters cut out their fabrics with scissors. Eventually, the rotary cutter came about and replaced scissors for increased speed and accuracy. And now, we have some other cool cutting options that are even better! The AccuQuilt fabric cutting machine is personal favorite tool for super precise quilt blocks that come together really fast!

Before we dive into AccuQuilt quilt patterns, let’s cover the basics. If you want to learn more about AccuQuilt, I’m here to help! Check out some of these other blog posts to learn some AccuQuilt basics and even find out which machine best suits your needs:

AccuQuilt Quilt Patterns

Now that you’re familiar with AccuQuilt cutting machines, it’s time to learn about using AccuQuilt for an actual quilt. You can find tons of free quilt block patterns over on the AccuQuilt Website, or you can use a pattern book too.

I use my AccuQuilt Go! machine as often as I can, and when it is possible I also like to include AccuQuilt instructions in my own Homemade Emily Jane quilt patterns! If you want more modern ways to use your AccuQuilt, I’ve got some ideas for you.

Here are five awesome modern quilt patterns that include AccuQuilt fabric cutting instructions:

Solitaire Quilt Pattern using AccuQuilt

The Solitaire Pattern is a beginner-friendly quilt pattern featuring Half Square Triangle quilt blocks, sashing between the blocks, and a border! The HST blocks themselves can be made using a simple Half Square Triangle die and the sashing/borders can be cut using strip dies.

tropical quilt easy beginner solitaire quilt pattern; AccuQuilt Quilt pattern

Reverberate Quilt Pattern using AccuQuilt

The Reverberate Quilt Pattern is more intermediate level with a lot of little pieces. This one is more of a combination pattern between AccuQuilt and traditional cutting. The some pieces of each block are cut using a rotary cutter, but the majority of the pieces can be done using a few simple shapes from a Qube and one strip die!

reverberate quilt pattern throw size quilt, modern quilt pattern

Sprightly Quilt Pattern using AccuQuilt

You might notice that Reverberate and Sprightly have a few design similarities and it’s because they happen to share some of the same dies! The Sprightly quilt pattern is a block-based and AccuQuilt-friendly version of another pattern in my shop. I really loved making this Sprightly quilt with Fat Quarters, which is a fun twist on the actual pattern.

Scrappy AccuQuilt quilt pattern featuring flying geese and economy quilt block using an AccuQuilt fabric cutting machine

Sail Quilt Pattern using AccuQuilt

The Sail Quilt Pattern is another really great one for beginner quilters, or for someone looking for a quick & easy project! Sail shows off 2 different sizes of Half Square Triangle quilt blocks, which are a staple for any new modern quilter.

AccuQuilt Quilt patterns - an easy modern half square triangle quilt Sail by Homemade Emily Jane

Bonanza Quilt Pattern!

The Bonanza Quilt pattern is intermediate level and includes 3 sizes. The crib size and throw size are both AccuQuilt friendly and use Qube Angle Companion sets.

Bonanza Quilt Pattern using AccuQuilt fabric cutting machine Qube and angles companion set

More AccuQuilt Quilting Tutorials

Do you love these modern quilt patterns? Grab your favorite today and get started cutting out your fabrics with your AccuQuilt dies and machine. Check out some of these other tutorials too:

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