The 5 Best AccuQuilt Gift Ideas for Modern Quilters

Are you looking for gifts for the modern quilter in your life? Or maybe you’re the quilter looking for some ideas for your holiday wish list? Whatever the case, these 5 gift ideas from AccuQuilt are great for modern quilters! I’ve been using an AccuQuilt fabric cutting machine to cut out my quilting fabrics for years, and I’ve narrowed down some of my absolute favorite items – and some I hope to find under the Christmas tree for myself this year too!

With the holidays quickly approaching, I wanted to share just a handful of modern quilter gift ideas that range in price as low as just $10. Add these AccuQuilt favorites to your wish list, or grab one for an AccuQuilt quilter in your life!

If you want to hear about these 5 Best AccuQuilt gift ideas in a video, check it out here:

Do you love good deals too? Here’s a secret for you: Historically, AccuQuilt tends to run their best sales of the year in November and early December. They also have some awesome deals in July as well!

AccuQuilt modern quilting Mix and Match Qubes and Angles companion set

5 Awesome AccuQuilt Gift Ideas

We’ll start off with a more pricey item, and one I definitely can not live without.

1. Mix & Match Qube 

AccuQuilt’s Mix and match Qubes are the perfect gift for a modern quilter! The Qube sets come in 6 different size sets, and each set contains 8 different dies. The shapes come together to create modern geometric quilt block designs. The shapes from each set are exactly the same, but the sizes scale up or down to make a particular size block. I highly recommend the 8″ Qube if you are just starting off, and the 12″ Qube is my 2nd favorite!

Pro tip: The 8″ and 12″ sizes really work well together too!

Shop the Mix and Match Qubes here:

Which accuquilt dies are in the Angles companion set? Learn which accuquilt companion set is the best

2. Angles Companion Set

The next gift idea I have to share builds on the Mix & Match Qubes. In addition to the 8 dies in a standard Mix and Match Qube, you can also get the Companion Sets! Each companion includes 4 additional dies that help with creating even more fun & modern designs. For each size Qube, there are 2 companion sets offered: the Corners Companion and the Angles Companion.

The Angles Companion set is my personal favorite if you want to choose just one! I used die #16 in this fun quilting tutorial and I’m making a new pattern now that uses dies #13 & #14.

Make perfect Half Square Triangle quilt blocks with AccuQuilt Go!

3. Half Square Triangles Die

I’m certain Half Square triangles are a staple for any quilter – and HST dies are an incredibly popular gift for modern Quilters specifically! The Qubes do contain some sizes of the HSTs but I particularly love using the multiple 2″ Finished HST die and then also the 8” HST die that isn’t offered in a Qube. The Sail Quilt Pattern is a great option for using the AccuQuilt HST dies too!

The 5 best AccuQuilt gift ideas for a modern quilter - grab these extra die storage containers to keep AccuQuilt dies neat, organized, and protected.

4. AccuQuilt Die Organizers 

As we get closer to the time of New Years resolutions when we all want to keep our creative mess a little more organized, consider getting some cute and functional die organizers to store all those loose dies! They end up looking incredibly clean when you put these next to your Qubes! 

Here are some different AccuQuilt Die Storage boxes you might love:

The 5 best AccuQuilt gift ideas for a modern quilter - Every AccuQuilt quilter can use some more replacement cutting mats for their fabric cutting machine!

5. Extra Cutting Mats for AccuQuilt

As an avid AccuQuilt user myself, I know I can never have too many extra cutting mats! If you want a perfect gift idea for the person who already has every die imaginable, consider gifting a few extra cutting mats. The 6” x12” and the 10” square are the ones I personally use the most. You’ll want to get the 10″ x 24″ Mat to use for any of the larger AccuQuilt Go dies too.

Shop Replacement Cutting mats here:

Let’s Get Gifting for our Quilting Friends

I hope these gift ideas help you find the right option for the quilter in your life! I or maybe you’ll add some of these to your own wish list. Are there any other AccuQuilt items that you’re adding to your holiday list? I’d love if you can leave a comment on my YouTube video to share!

Find AccuQuilt tutorials and learn about my personal favorite AccuQuilt dies:

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