A Complete Introduction to AccuQuilt BOB Dies

Maybe you’re new to AccuQuilt and you’re wondering “What on earth is a BOB?”

AccuQuilt BOBs stand for “Block on Board” which means all the shapes you need for a block are contained on a single die. AccuQuilt sells quite a few of these special dies and are always coming out with new ones too. I personally love seeing how they make an easy, contemporary way to make traditional quilt blocks. The shapes that were once cut with scissors are now made so fast and extra precise!

This article will dive into everything you need to know about Block on Board dies. Here are some questions this article will answer for you:

  • What is a BOB die for AccuQuilt?
  • Why should I use a BOB die?
  • How to use an AccuQuilt BOB die?
  • What are the different types of AccuQuilt BOB dies?
  • Which is better for AccuQuilt: BOB or QUBE?

If you’d rather learn about BOBs by watching a video, check this out here:

What is AccuQuilt?

AccuQuilt is a fantastic fabric cutting system to save so much time and make precise cuts for all your quilts! If you’re curious what AccuQuilt is and how to use it, then you’ll want to start here: Everything You Need to Know About AccuQuilt. There are lots of different AccuQuilt dies you can use, and this article helps explain some of the most popular ones for patchwork and piecing!

Quilt block made with the Prairie Star BOB die from AccuQuilt

What is a Block on Board die?

The awesome thing about a BOB die is that you can make an entire quilt block using just one AccuQuilt die. The dies include multiple shapes and usually arrange the shapes in sections of which colors to cut together.

The thing I love the most about AccuQuilt is just how fast and precise it makes cutting, and with BOBs it’s even better! I personally opt for some of the more complex shapes when they are included in a BOB because I know AccuQuilt will do the majority of the hard work for me! Keep reading to find out which BOB dies you should check out.

Hattie's Choice AccuQuilt Go! die and cutting mat

Why use a BOB die?

The simple answer for why you should use a BOB die is because it’s easy! The BOB simplifies the process for many more complex-looking blocks. Who doesn’t love an easy quilt block that looks like a challenge?!

How to use AccuQuilt BOB dies?

Using the BOB dies is similar to using any of the other dies. If you’re brand new to using AccuQuilt, make sure you check out this article and watch this video.

The main difference while using your AccuQuilt BOB dies compared to other shapes is that the die itself will include multiple shapes that do not all need to be cut in the same fabric. I recommend sub-cutting your fabric into sections in order to reduce the amount of fabric waste while using BOBs.

the best AccuQuilt dies for curved piecing; drunkard's path quilt block

Types of BOB dies?

AccuQuilt offers Block on Board dies to suit a variety of skill levels and design preferences. Below I’ll share just a handful of the various dies that AccuQuilt offers as Block on Board dies.

BOB dies for Easy Piecing

AccuQuilt BOB Dies for Star Quilt Blocks

Traditional Quilt Block Dies

make a complex quilt block using accuquilt Block on board dies

BOBs featuring curved piecing

I don’t sew curves often, but when I do, you can bet it’s from an AccuQuilt die! I loved making the simple drunkards path dies to practice my curves, and I loved making the Mariner’s Compass block for a more advanced option for playing with a mix of fun angles and large curves!

AccuQuilt dies, Qube compared to BOB

The great AccuQuilt Die debate: BOB vs. QUBE

So what is better, AccuQuilt’s BOB dies or a Mix & Match Qube? Well, it really just depends on your own personal style and what kind of projects you like to make.

There are a few BOB dies that you could acually make using a Qube instead. In these cases I recommend getting the Qube because of the added versaility and other options that the Qube provides. Here are some examples of quilt blocks that are better suited to use the Qube than the BOB die:

  • Churn Dash
  • Ohio Star
  • Kite Block
AccuQuilt 12" Mix and Match Qube

Which AccuQuilt BOB dies are the best?

You’re really asking me which BOB dies are the best?! How would I ever pick a favorite….

When I was in college, not long after making my first quilt, I got the grand idea to make a Double Wedding Ring quilt as a wedding gift for my sorority “big”. Back then I had never heard of AccuQuilt and actually used a cardboard template to cut out all of my pieces. Now that I have made the Double wedding ring design both ways, I can say with confidence that it really is WAY easier and faster using the BOB die!

Tutorials for using specific BOB dies

I’m working my way through adding some tutorials for making specific blocks using AccuQuilt BOB dies. Do you have a block you really want to see? Reach out to me on Instagram or via email to submit your request! I can’t make any promises but I will do my best.

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