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AccuQuilt: 12 ways to use the 12″ Qube

If you love precise quilts and endless possibilities, this blog post is for you as I walk you through a little of my love for the versatility that comes from using AccuQuilt Qubes!

I got an AccuQuilt fabric cutting machine a few months ago and I really just can’t stop dreaming up projects to make with it. I want to make everything I see! Since getting my AccuQuilt fabric cutting machine I have had a ton of fun making a Pillow/Wall Hanging Duo and also some adorable Baby Shower Gifts, just to name a few! My most recent AccuQuilt finish is my 12 Block Sampler Quilt!

AccuQuilt Qube

Today I am going to teach you about the beauty of getting an AccuQuilt Qube! If you have the AccuQuilt Go!, AccuQuilt Go! Big Electric, or even the AccuQuilt Go! Me you can use the Qube die sets! (The Go! Me machine can use up to the 8″ size Qube!)

When I first dove into trying out AccuQuilt, I got the Ready Set Go! Ultimate Fabric Cutting System which is a starter set that includes:

I really can’t even say enough about how much I LOVE this beginner pack. I had so much fun playing with the 8″ Qube that I also decided to get the 12″ Qube too! But before get too far in, I’ll tell you what a Qube is and why it’s so neat!

AccuQuilt Qube

What’s the scoop on AccuQuilt Qubes?!

A Qube is essentially a set of 8 different dies that can be combined in many ways to end up with endless possibilities. The set for the Mix and Match Qube includes 8 different dies of a few specific shapes: squares, triangles, rectangles, and parallelogram. These varying shapes and sizes can be combined to make over 100 different quilt blocks!

The 12″ Mix and Match Qube includes these dies:

  1. GO! Square-6 1/2″ (6″ Finished)
  2. GO! Square-3 1/2″ (3″ Finished)
  3. GO! Half Square Triangle-6″ Finished Square
  4. GO! Quarter Square Triangle-6″ Finished Square
  5. GO! Half Square triangle-3″ Finished Square
  6. GO! Square on Point-4 3/4″ (4 1/4″ Finished)
  7. GO! Parallelogram 45°-3 11/16″ x 4 15/16″ (3″ x 4 1/4″ Finished)
  8. GO! Rectangle-3 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ (3″ x 6″ Finished)

What’s really cool is how you can actually use each of these dies individually, but when you combine them, that’s when the real magic happens! I’ve been known to make entire quilts with die #5! (like this one!)

AccuQuilt Qube
Cut Time, Quilt More

Quilt Blocks Made from the AccuQuilt 12″ Qube

The 8 shapes and dies from the AccuQuilt 12″ Qube come together to make TONS of different blocks! These are the 12 that I combined to make this baby quilt! (Note how different they are even using the same exact set of dies!)

  • Air Plane
  • Broken Sash
  • Depression
  • Double Four-Patch
  • Dutchman’s Puzzle
  • Four-Patch Star
  • Frayed Four-Patch
  • Mosaic #15
  • Port & Starboard
  • Sawtooth Star
  • Susannah
  • Uneven Nine-Patch
AccuQuilt Qube

Featured in this quilt is an amazing Fat Quarter Bundle filled with super adorable prints from the collection called Ring Toss by Emily Taylor for FIGO Fabrics. The collection will be coming out in Fall 2020.

AccuQuilt Qube

Click here for many, many more pattern ideas for using your AccuQuilt Qube!

OK, now that I showed you just 12 of the blocks you can make with the 12″ Qube, leave a comment here telling me about what you plan to make! I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got cooking over in your corner of this quilty world!

AccuQuilt Qube

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