About Emily

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about me! I am a young quilter who is passionate about teaching people to quilt and sew, and getting people connected to other quilters. My journey with sewing began when I was in middle school making costumes for plays, and my love for sewing grew in high school when I took a Fabrics & Fibers class. To this day, the sewing machine that I received for my 16th birthday is the best gift I’ve ever received.

At 19 years old, my grandmother taught me how to quilt. I showed up at her house one day with a photo from Pinterest and said “You can help me make this, right?!” Luckily she’s brilliant and we didn’t even need a pattern!

The relationship that my grandmother and I built through quilting has inspired me to want to teach others. My mission here is to build relationships and community through craft, and to help people learn new skills to use to express their own creativity.