A Scrappy Twist on the Boho Mod Quilt Pattern

Last week I whipped together a slightly-altered version of the Boho Mod Quilt pattern by @MeeshQuilts. My alterations included making it scrappy and changing up the borders so I could use the fabrics that I had, even when I didn’t have the right amounts. To see other color variations of this awesome quilt pattern, check out #bohomodquilt on Instagram.

Piecing this top was super quick; it came together in just a few hours! I loved getting to use my scraps because I really felt like it is a very no-waste way to quilt. Using up fabric scraps is great, especially when they look this amazing together like all these beautiful solids from @pbsfabrics! The colors in this quilt include WhiteAmber, Bubble Gum, CoralMaize, Pale AquaPoseidon, River, and Verbena.

If you are just learning how to quilt, you likely do not have many scraps yet, but once you get a few quilts accomplished, you’ll soon have a major stash of fabric scraps that would be perfect to use on this pattern! Sidenote: this pattern is also Jelly Roll friendly!

The trickiest part of piecing the Boho Mod Quilt was squaring up my blocks accurately and consistently. A correct square-up is essential for this pattern in order for your seams to match up perfectly. For this step, I would definitely suggest getting a 9.5″ square ruler as it would help tremendously! Also, follow the tips in the pattern for marking the center of your pieces! It really does help!

The pattern is listed as “intermediate” level, so if you’ve never made a quilt before this is not the one to start with. But, once you’ve conquered the basics you can definitely make this one with great success!

Another tip I have has to do with pressing your seams. IF you are the kind of quilter that doesn’t mind pressing your seams open, this is a good one to do it on! I personally pressed all my seams away from the center of each block, which added a little bit of bulk to some of the seams. One super neat & helpful quilting tool to use to get amazingly flat seams is a Wool Pressing Mat. Its crazy how quick this thing makes the BEST seams!

Once your quilt top is pieced, you get to decide what fabric to use as backing and how you want to quilt it. I chose to use solid teal cotton fabric to back my quilt and then did all my quilting by hand! For batting, I used Warm & White which is actually not often recommended for hand quilting, as it is a little tougher to get the needle through. It ended up working out great for my project, but if you want something a little cozier or softer, I would recommend Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 or Quilters Dream Orient batting. The plus side of the more sturdy Warm & white batting is that you can quilt up to 10 inches apart since it is so sturdy! The others are only about 4 inches apart, which means a bit more stitching commitment, but also they are SUPER cozy. You really can’t go wrong.

I did Big Stitch hand quilting, (which you can learn all about my method and products that I use HERE) with the most amazing size 8 Finca Perle thread and Big Stitch Quilting needles. I chose to hand quilt this quilt because I wanted to have some portable sewing to bring on vacation with me. I sewed in the airport, on the airplane, in the hotel, and anywhere else I could get comfortable enough to sit for a while. Once it was all finished, I even dragged my husband out to the beach for a little photoshoot.

Overall, I am thrilled for how this quilt turned out! As of the date of this blog post, my Scrappy Boho Mod quilt is still seeking a super hip baby to love on for years to come. Please reach out if you’re interested in purchasing.

On an unrelated note, I recently compiled a bunch of my favorite quilting tools on amazon. Check it out here and let me know if some of my favorites are your favorites too!

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